NYS Ice Pro-Am Invitational

Event details

The NYS Ice Pro-Am Series will include 4 events this year:
January 29 - Chaumont Bay - Open Team Event
February 4 - Oneida Lake - Open Team Event
February 11 - Sodus Bay - Open Team Event
March 11 - Sodus Bay - Big Fish Saturday for IPA Team Invitational
March 12 - Sodus Bay - IPA Team Invitational


Each Team Event: $100/team (optional $20 lunker pool)
Triple Crown Trophy Title: ($100/team)
Invitational BFS: $50/team (only those teams fishing the IPA Invitational can compete)
Invitational: $275/team (max of 15 teams accepted on a 1st paid basis)(Optional $20 lunker pool)


Each event is considered a separate event, so teams (1 or 2 anglers) can fish one or more events. Those who fish all 3 team event can go for the Triple Crown Title and the coveted Triple Crown Cup Trophy. Full details per event, rules & regs, etc. can be found on the Series Website at: www.NYSiceproam.com

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