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Great Lakes Salmon Showdown


Event details

For the GLSS events anglers register by boat. Any fish caught on a registered boat can be entered regardless of who caught the fish; the captain, the mates, clients, friends, family, and anyone else fishing aboard the vessel! The events are open to both the US and Canada.
There are two levels of competition: Pro Division and Am Division. The only differences between the two levels are the entry fee (Pro Division = $250/boat, Am Division = $125/boat) and stipulations that require a boat to be in the Pro Division: operated by a capt. or guide, and/or if the boat is sponsored by one or more fishing related companies. 
All fish entrees are made using the Fish Donkey App on the captain's (or other designated) cell phone at the time of the catch. Measurements are made to the nearest 1/4" rounded down. When a fish is caught simply take the following 4 required pictures that are automatically uploaded to the App: 1) picture of the fish on the bump board showing both the nose of the fish against the front, zero end of the bump board and the tip of the tail indicating the measurement, 2) a close-up of the fish's head (for ID purposes), 3) a close-up of the tail showing the measurement (also for ID purposes), and 4) a picture of the fish and angler who caught it (can be a selfie if fishing alone) that also includes an identifiable part of the registered boat. 
Online leaderboards are updated in real time so anglers can see who is leading at any moment during the event. Anglers can also submit as many fish as they want too upsize their catch - the App will automatically take their Top-5 for placement. 
For those in other events, there is an "Other Tourney Protocol" to follow (see Rules and Regs on Fish Donkey) to allow for entering fish in both events. 
After the events conclude on September 30th, checks will be mailed out to the winners. Winners of sponsored physical items will need to make arrangements for pick-up or shipping if not included in the prize. 
For more information visit the event website at: GLSSevents.com


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