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  2. It’s a good rule. You didn’t happen to lose a pink tube did you? Found one floating and took it to the launch but no one claimed it lol
  3. All top of line gear, many are new unused...too much to photograph. Terms are cash only with local pickup; leave PM to schedule an appointment. Located in Cheektowaga NY. First come first served, no hold overs. Item Price/ Unit Units Qty Available Trolling Rods, Okuma White Diamond Downrigger/Board 8'6" $50 each 6 Leadore/Copper 8'6" $55 each 4 Dipsy 10' $55 each 2 Dipsy 8'6" $55 each 2 Trolling Rods, Shimano, Talora Dipsy 10'6" $60 each 2 Trolling Rods, Ugly Stick GX2 7' $30 each 6 Spooled Linecounter Reels; calibrated @ 100ft Cabela's Depthmaster Metal 20 / 30lb Braid $110 each 6 Cabela's Depthmaster Metal 30 / 30lb Braid $110 each 2 Cabela's Depthmaster Metal 30 / 30lb Wire $110 each 2 Okuma 453D/ Copper (100, 200 feet) $110 each 2 Okuma 453D/ lead core (5, 7 colors) $110 each 2 In-Line Boards upgraded clips tattle flags Church Walleye $90 pair 3 Church Walleye, SAMS Releases $90 pair 1 Church Cone $10 each 1 Big Board Components Traxstech Mast(extends to 7'4, alum reels) $400 each 1 Amish Clipper Releases (50pc) $50 bag 1 Amish Spectra, Line, 300ft $25 each 2 Boat Gear Boat Hooks, small $45 each 1 Boat Hooks, large $65 each 1 Dock Fenders, large $45 each 3 Dock Fenders, medium $30 each 4 Dock Lines, 15ft $20 each 4 Dock Lines, 25ft $25 each 4 Line Snubbers, Dock Lines, 3/8" $30 each 2 Shockle Line Snubber $50 each 1 Weights - Downrigger Shark, black, 12lbs $75 each 2 Ball, black, coated, 12lbs $50 each 2 Ball, black, coated, 10lbs $45 each 2 Ball, black, coated, 8lbs $30 each 2 Pancake, black, 13lb $95 each 2 Release - Downrigger Release Scotty $15 pair 1 Release Chamberlin $50 pair 1 In-line Trolling Weights, Tadpole OR361 $5 each 3 Weights, Tadpole OR362 $5 each 3 Weights, Tadpole OR363 $10 each 3 Weights, torpedo, Shark $14 each 2 Weights, Clip-on, 3-6 oz $3 each 18 Weights, Clip-on, 1-1/2 - 2.0 oz $2 each 26 Weights, Clip-on, 1oz and under $1 each 21 Weight, Wack 'em Double Down 20z inline $6 each 3 Torpedo Wire Droppers $3 each 1 Offshore Clips OR-16 $10 pair 4 Amish Outfitter Clips $6 pair 6 Stick Baits (Shallow/Deep, stock/custom colors) Bagley Rumble B $6 each 3 Bandit $6 each 10 Bay Rat $8 each 12 Bomber $5 each 30 Live Target Smelt $10 each 6 Rapala Floating Minnow $5 each 26 Rapala Floating Minnow, Jointed $6 each 3 Rapala Husky Deep $5 each 8 Rapala Husky Jerk $4 each 28 Rapala Scatter Rap Tail Dancer $7 each 8 Rapala Scatter Rap Minnow $8 each 4 Rapala Tail Dancer $8 each 34 Reef Runner 600 $7 each 12 Reef Runner 700 $7 each 3 Reef Runner 800 $7 each 5 Renowski $5 each 20 Rippl 'n Redfin $5 each 6 Smithwick Perfect 10 $9 each 6 Smithwick Roque $5 each 12 Storm Deep Thunder Stick $5 each 10 Storm Hot 'n Tot $4 each 8 Yozuri Crystal Minnow $8 each 12 Worm Harnesses Harnesses $4 each 78 Worm Burners $5 each 6 Lures - Components Harness Blades (willow, colorado) $2 each 66 Pre-tied Fluro leaders w/ BB Swiel Clasp $2 each 14 Trolling Spoons (Top brands/colors) Walleye $4 each 63 Salmon/Trout $5 each 75 Tackle Storage Tube Box w/ tubes $25 each 1 Plano boxes $5 each 6 Cabelas Tackle Bags, small $68 each 1 Cabelas Tackle Bags, large $90 each 1 Harness Box $15 each 1 Harness Blade Box $25 each 1 Spoon Box $25 each 1 Tube Box $25 each 1 Electronics Fish Hawk -X4D Display $300 each 1 Probe $225 each 1 Underwater Video Waterwolf $100 each 1 VHF Auxiliary Hand set SIMRAD HS-35 $149 each 1 Dipsy Divers Size-1, Stock $8 each 6 Magnum, Stock $10 each 2 Size-1, Custom $10 each 4 Magnum, custom $12 each 2 Jet Divers (Walker, Tripz) Forties $8 each 4 Thirties $8 each 4 Twenties $7 each 7 Safety Gear Ditch Bag $35 each 1 Electronic flare $60 each 1 Flares (3 pak) $20 each 1 Life Vests (pak of four type IV) $30 each 1 Fire Extinguishers $55 pair 1 Landing Nets Ranger Tournament Walleye - w/ Float $85 each 2 Ranger, Salmon $45 each 1 Trolling Bags (Pair) Amish Outfitters 42" $140 pair 1 Big Papa 36" $95 pair 1
  4. Setup at 80 and by 90 it was game on. Fished from 90-140 fow and caught fish 40-80 down. Went 18-25 with king and steelhead. Nothing seemed to be much better than anything else, if it was wet it caught fish. Riggers parked at 60 and 70, chinooks from 105-255, with a 300 and 200 batting cleanup.
  5. 3 Digitroll tournament series for sale $900 a piece. Power cords, bases, rod holders all included. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. No they don’t need to swivel they face say the 6 o’clock position and can tilt out at various positions Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. 4 - 600lc with 30 lbs wire for sale $180 each. Local pick up or pay for shipping. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Awesome! Can't wait to hear how your trip went!
  9. When do u run a white flasher and fly? Bright sun or overcast?
  10. https://adventuremarine.ca/product/high-thrust-outboard-motor-bracket/ I really love this one I put on my boat. Sent from my SM-N975U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. I fished a little shallower off the north dunes Friday morning, 80-95 feet of water, great marks and caught a couple salmon then went in, trolled north because south winds, most if not all boats out deeper... Don't be afraid to check shallow, that's my rule. I usually only fish a couple hours anyway when I go in because kids get up and want to go tubing.
  12. Fished the Bald Eagle Tournament this morning with my my nephew and a friend. The hire this morning was insane. We setup in 80’ and by 120 we have an incredible bite going. Riggers 35-60 cheated were constant, Ten Color, 300 copper, and divers 120-160 pulling anything all took fish. Carbon 14 did a ton of damage first couple hrs, flow frogs, and host of spoons all took fish. SUV SCALE/SPEC LLB Atommik meat rig took most of our meat bites. We generated a solid 30+bites putting 99% in the boat. Big matures, Cohoes, and big steelhead all hit e deck. We shut off around 930as the front pushed through but around 12:30 the bite fired right back up putting a great finish to our day. 90-120’fow took most our fish and 170’ was also good. We finished 10th our of 26boats with a 19 1/2lb average for our three fish. Anytime you put together almost a 20lb average and still miss the money you know some great fishing was to be had. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. Do they swivel? Sorry cant tell in the picture on my phone Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-J327A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. I was wondering if there’s an easy way to display location (Lat / Lon) on the screen with the sonar and gps. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  15. Looking for a simrad ap12 autopilot circuit board that goes behind the control buttons...long shot but hoping to get lucky lol Pic is what mine looks like Hope everyone is doing well! Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  16. My son just dug one up out of his shed. thank you all for your offers.
  17. Toughest day I've have out there in awhile. Even with heavier line, fleas coated the lines within 5 min of them being set, weeds tough too, lots of green water. Couldn't find anything worth weighing in. Good luck to all tomorrow, gonna try my luck on Seneca.
  18. Looking to purchase the heavy duty Panther outboard motor adjustable mount. Product number 550410. Anyone know anywhere on the Canadian side that carries them? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  19. I agree. The ones I personally know are great guys but man I was upset at that.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Sadly there are many times I’ve been almost run over by large charters. But thankfully I’ve met many more great and helpful charter captains over the years. GreasyLuck
  22. The couple I left should have been the ones I caught. 14 plus brown leading..
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