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  2. Les, If your main cable breaks you lose the weight & Probe?
  3. Hi guy. I'm writing on here to see if anyone could help me out. I have always had the passion for fishing. I have had meany boats in the past. I have become every interested in down rigger fishing. I have watched a lot of utube. Unbelievable how much you can lern from there. Well I have saved up some money, bought a 1985 24' penn van . Have not had it in the water yet but can't weight to get her out. I have installed 4 down riggers 2 big jon and 2 cannon riggers. I installed a water temperature unit that will tell me water temp and speed of lure. I have a helix 7 with gps. And all the safety stuff needed. I am looking for some advice. I have a Yamaha 25 hp with power tilt. Is that to big of a motor to put on for a kicker. Plus I'm in the need of buying tackle. I purchased some stuff from this sight and ebay but I would love to know being a beginner. What should I have in my arsenal. I'm truly looking to fish Lakers and salmon. Anything you guys can share will be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance. I almost forgot it has a old pilot that is under the hell wheel. Seems to work ok but I would love to install something newer up to date that will go to waypoints and follow a past path or line. Like I said new to this so I'm still learning. What would you guys buy something worth the money. I'm most likely going to fish alot by myself. So a good pilot will help . I already have the hummingbird lake chart maps for my helix7.
  4. Well you're right about that. He'll hopefully hear more complaints this summer. Still usable and yeah the bubbler is great. Got out on Friday for a couple hrs, 8 lakers, 1 LL
  5. This setup has never been tested (thank God) but on my probe rigger I have a "safety" line also hooked to the probe itself in the event of a failure of the main connection point. I use an older version of the Black release that is attached right on the wire and a 90 lb wire with heavy duty swivel attached to the middle of the release which is 150 lb rigger cable and I attach both swivels to the probe. In the event of failure of the main connection theoretically the probe by itself would still be attached by the "safety wire". There is a crimp in the middle of the Black to prevent it from sliding down.
  6. For sale okuma aventa reel and Riversider 13' ML combo. Great budget combo that was only used 1 season. Everything is in great shape and already rigged with Blood Run floating mono. Asking $160 shipped.
  7. GCBA Flea Market Sunday March 8, 2020 9AM to 2PM. No early entries. Free admission. New location at the Port Authority Bldg.(Ferry Terminal) 2nd floor off 1000 N. River Street at the end of the Genesee River. Come on down and haggle with the captains and squeeze them for the latest info on the big lake. Proceeds to be used towards our pen rearing project. We would like to thank Marianne Warfle who manages the new Port of Rochester Marina for her assistance.
  9. I’m not anywhere near as experienced as a lot of you guys but I find the speed on the fishhawk very useful. The temp. Not so much. I generally find the same thing I found before I had a temp probe. Start covering different depths and looking for bait and hooks and dial it in based on bites. I often get my bigger fish down deep in 42deg water on meat rigs but there was a 2 week period this past year where the big kings were in the top 25fow. I got a couple on the free slider, started pulling everything up high into the warm water and started slamming them. Found later other guys were doing the same thing. Maybe I’ll figure out the temp better with more experience but so far I may use it as a starting point but am quick to abandon it when I start catching fish. Also. In terms of marking bait, at least when it’s up high, I’ve seen videos of people using the Panoptix and the bait drops as the boat goes over. So if you see bait 20’ down it may have been on the surface before the boat came. I’ve experienced this myself with walleye when I’ve had to pull up into the top 5-10’ when the bait is real high even though it’s showing deeper when my transducer goes over it. Apologies for the rant but getting cabin fever with the crap ice. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  10. Don’t forget about the kick back you’ll see. The graph may be lying to you from what the balls are showing for depth vs actual. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. Either breakaway system from Fish Hawk or a well made do it yourself cable will work fine. As spoonfed originally said the idea here is a sacrificial cable between the probe and the weight. Much rather loose a weight than a probe. Although with the heavier Shark weights at close to $100 now loosing one of those would sucks too.
  12. My best are Rhys Davis . In glow. Hands down . I like the Challengers for my rigs as the plastic is softer . But they don't make them anymore. Tried a Dreamweaver I think . Tried to tune it , which I think is very important , and broke it. So no more of them . For the frugal out there I got some from Janz Netcraft ,that were pretty good . 4 for 6$ . I got glow but they had a lot of colors . I look for bait heads in every tackle shop I go in .Some crooks want as much as 5$ each.
  13. I'm trying to sell my guys on entering this year and this gives us a few more things to think about. I'm good either way on # of rods. No observer would definitely help having a smaller boat. I do like the idea of an observer in this type of a tournament. I agree with Vince on the kings and coho. Adding lake trout really doesn't interest me. I like the idea of opening up Canadian waters. Just my 2 cents, I'll be interested to follow along. Thx!
  14. I've never had a thimble fail but I have had barrel swivels fail more than once so that is my rationale for what I suggested which is the way i set my own up
  15. https://fishhawkelectronics.com/shop/accessories/breakaway-double-snap-swivel-2-per-pack/ Like said the pictured snap swivels are part of the fishhawk accessories with an 80lb split ring break away as part of their factory recommended set up. Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk
  16. Does anyone tow with this Truck? Thinking of buying one, reading mixed reviews.Will be towing boat weighing approx 4500lbs Thanks
  17. Fishing this fishery since the beginning and getting a fish hawk for the first time 2 years ago I can say this . I use to fish the bait and marks , and still do well. Now that I have down temp , I put my probe at 50 deg and put baits above and below and adjust from there . If I see fish high , I bring 1 up , or the other way . But I can say I have found 50 at say 50 ft and caught kings at 100. And marked everything at 70 , where the temp was and caught kings at 40 ft . So you never really know . Temps over rated IMO .
  18. Rookie is right. I'd get that breakaway cable pictured. None of the cable connections are a guarantee if for example you get hung up on something but much cheaper to replace a weight than the probe. I think a potential weak link may be the Chamberlain connection. Why not secure the probe to the main downrigger connection (assuming it is secure) and use a stacker version Chamberlain above the main downrigger snap? It would eliminate one possible weak link in the system. Then attach the Fishhawk standard breakaway cable to the main snap with the probe and then the weight. I think it may be a bit safer. Anytime you can eliminate a connection point you eliminate one potential failure point
  19. Fish Hawk has a 70lb break away cable. This goes between the probe & the weight. I keep a spare on the boat incase any signs of fray or deterioration.
  20. Yesterday
  21. I'm pretty sure that is the breakaway in the picture that comes as part of the fish hawk system. Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk
  22. LOL Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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