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  2. Will you take $500? Looks to be a Gen1 correct?

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  4. I know it may sound a little wimpy but they sell large size heavy duty reusable rubber gloves at the Dollar Store that are easily put on and removed.
  5. Amateur fireworks are just a bad idea all the way around!!! No exceptions really....
  6. Kudos Rustyrat! You certainly can impose your own conservation minded limits for customers if it is a personal concern. I try to teach a mixed bag approach to my customers on harvesting fish along with taking mature fish and releasing some for future. I take the approach that everyone needs to practice some level of conservation, and in order to do that you have to take home less than a limit especially when it's easy. I don't allow any customers to keep tigers no matter if it's legal or not! I'm not judging anyone following the law, but on my boat I set the limit and my customers come back year after year and respect the conservation. I certainly kept more fish than I needed to for years just because it was legal and I could. I matured enough to realize we all can make a difference by taking a long term conservation minded approach to our harvest.
  7. Went to ibay for first time since launch reopened. Fished from 9:00 to 1:30 an got skunked 2 misses right after we started an then nothing. Fished mostly 100 - 150 fow with some marks went out to 200 for a little bit blank screen out there
  8. Well it took a year but we're back on the water. The boat was back in the water on the exact same weekend as its last trip out in 2018 before the fire. I had the work done at Fast Forward in Brewerton. He is very busy so it took a little longer than I hoped but the work was top notch. Boat looks factory showroom where the damage was and they also cleaned up some odd scuffs and scratches here and there. We are just getting familiar with the new home in Port Bay but the boat is catching fish already. Good to be back on the water. In light of the events I am considering a name change to The Phoenix. On a side note, I heard that some morons were doing the exact same dumb crap, only at South Point instead of Sutter's, this year on the 4th with the fireworks. Launching them across the marina. It's like people think because the boats are on the water that they cannot catch fire. Maybe a quarter stick up their asses would get the point across.
  9. Still getting em here on Otisco as of fourth of July week. Haven't tried since then. Pond side has a good population just have to find em. 10-12 inchers are easily taken on small minnows. The big 14-17 inch slabs are tougher but catchable on jigs with paddle tails or curl tails. Not little crappie jigs... bass jigs.
  10. Ttt Sent from my SM-N920V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. Ttt Sent from my SM-N920V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. Great to hear man 👍. Top water too, thats excellent! Send us the next one too
  13. Well, I guess it couldn't be solo unless a seagull took the photo. Haven't finished my coffee.
  14. I have a 3 laker limit on my boat. I did not tell my customers that it changed. 5 in combo. No one has called me out yet. RR
  15. I have 4 left and I am in Keeseville ny I will ship with you location
  16. We call that lake trout fingers. Yes it hurts. RR
  17. Couple years ago I was fishing salmon river and watched the guy next to me fight a salmon with a J-plug still hooked to it... the fish ended up breaking him off unfortunately.
  18. Captain Mike; pretty expensive for 40 feet of pipe with a few cross pieces welded in, where are the rod holders & radar dome mount base? How about $500?? John
  19. I usually run faster than that personally. 2.2-3.0 at times. I usually shoot for 2.5mph and 'S' turn to figure out what they want, sometimes it's slower but usually it's faster. I've run meat at 2.7+ and caught fish and I always have a spoon or two in my spread and caught fish on them at the same speeds. I've never heard that you need to run meat slower than anything else if you're targeting salmon.
  20. They were especially heavy south of the power plant, but cleared up pretty significantly north of Sheldrake, as of last night
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