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  2. Yup I see that but he had it on kijjij at Christmas time but I didn't respond soon enough and can't find it on there anymore
  3. As long as they are decently sharp pretty much any non-safety scissors would fine I'd guess. I use the pair I have for cutting braided line, no issues.
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  5. Looking for the best pair of scissors for trimming meat. What does everyone use? Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. The ones in Seneca and the canal system came up through there from elsewhere as invasives but the ones in lakes like Conesus must have been as bait. Too bad as they out compete the native species and are very hardy. The one pictured became eagle food.
  7. bait shop sold them as pike bait they called them red fin shinners. never caught much with them
  8. I have a bunch of meat rigs that are made with Musselhead heads. These are all new rigs that I have made. I have put a number on all the pictures so that if you are interested in getting some, you can reference the number. All rigs are $18.50 and buyer is responsible for shipping. I accept PayPal. I am posting in multiple groups, please contact me via messenger if you would like to purchase any of the rigs. Where is what I have.... #62-->made with Mountain Dew head--> quantity 5 #63-->made with Swamp Thing head-->quantity 5 #65-->made with Bullfrog head--> quantity 5 #67-->made with Uranus head--> quantity 5 #68-->made with Dutchie head--> quantity 4 #89-->made with Hypno Toad head--> quantity 5 #90-->made with 8-Ball head--> quantity 4 #91-->made with Black Mamba 2.0--> quantity 3 All meat rigs are tied using 50# Seaguar fluorocarbon, a #1 VMC 4X treble hook, a 5/0 VMC single hook, a 100# bead swivel and a 88# duolock snap. All have a protective tube between the single and treble hooks to prevent the fish's teeth from fraying the line. All meat rigs are approx 53" long and the flies are spaced every 12 inches, but the distance between the flies can be adjusted.
  9. I’m not an expert on this, as far as I know, the South Shore of Lake O gets a good amount of browns and chinnies come in close to shore, usually March and well into April to feed on the smelt. From Fifty Point and all the way into the US side, you can catch them from shore and from boat 10-40 fow. Water temps are key, they usually come in as the water temps warm up and leave once they become too warm later in April. Good luck out there. Adrian Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  10. Looking for 1 or 2 single planer board mast.
  11. Ran down RT89 yesterday I did not stop but Cayuga looked as low as Ive ever seen it.Should have taken pictures. Water looked to have a lot of stain.But You are right the weather looks good. I will probably dig my boat out this weekend just to get the motors serviced and try to find places to put the junk in the boat I bought over the winter.
  12. That would be Owen Sound Ontario Canada if I was to guess
  13. Date on that ad is 2018 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. My advice is to follow thru with roys marina. Live bait is a great way to learn Hire a guide once or fish w/ a knowledgeable fisherman to get started. Do not buy anything til you get ideas from the experts--- things change in the summer as the FLEAS come out--a nasty little beast that mess up your line in summer good luck coach
  15. Hey Dave really like to have a look at your boat .. where is it at the ad says Kitchener and Owen sound ?
  16. Anyone been out fishing lately? This weekend looks good.
  17. Okuma Magda Pro MA 45dx Wire Not sure how much wire is on this reel. I thing about 700 feet. Shipping $10.00 US.
  18. Early spring swing down to Roys marina on Seneca lake.. we’ll have English hooks, threading needles and live bait for trout.. and we’ll show you inexpensive ways to to catch trout/salmon..
  19. Thats what it is & it's not as easy or for that matter possible to convert over to hydraulic as a Mercruiser would be that was explained in your other thread. https://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/topic/83842-what-auto-pilot-are-you-using/
  20. For someone looking to tie in a section of mono to use in a release into lead core, they probably should look at using a traditional nylon sheathed lead core like Mason or Stealth Core. I say this as the nylon sheathed cores are easier to tie with a Willis knot which likely would be the best choice to go through the rod guides easily. I use the Tufline micro lead on my 10 colors and have never had much luck with the thinner line and the Willis knot. Putting a number of sections of mono in a lead core means a lot of knots so they have to slide through the guides and be strong. I’m not a fan of having lots of knots so I’d run a straight 5 color if I could only have one lead core rod and was after eyes on Erie.
  21. (2) Okuma Maga Maga Pro MA 30dx Some fading from the sun. Shipping $15.00.
  22. You can also call Cummings directly. They will make anything you want as far as hoop size and net depth. Handles are available up to 16 ft believe it or not. Got 2 from them a few years ago. Price was right and nearly indestructible
  23. He likely has dedicated setups, which is why he has 10 setups. Clip boards on to the backing and no wear and tear on the leadcore itself. I would never clip boards directly to the leadcore just fyi.
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