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  3. These high quality 100% stainless steel spoons were manufactured by Lightning Lures here in Rochester NY, home of Lake Ontario.They produce fish very well in Lake Ontario and the finger lakes.They are about 3 1/2" long by 1 1/8" wide.....I have 5 colors: green,red,blue,white,gold,silver.Will sell the complete lot of 85 spoons for $150 cash if interested. Ron 585-626-8814
  4. yes that is a pvc line. it should be checked to see if its still working. if it not working right the pvc valve should be replaced.
  5. That spoon looks familiar. Is that the one we were looking at last week at the store? By the way, I'm learning everyone's hot spots. It's terrible handling guns and fishing tackle all day.
  6. I'll eat crow on that one. Some, but not many with the Mercarb two barrel carbs did have a PVC valve system & thats what is on the end of that hose. No need to plug it , replace the valve if you think there is an issue.
  7. Thank you Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. It's all good. I'll be keeping an eye out for it. Hope to be in olcott in july Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-J327A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Well, I seemed to be the only one keeping it going and I haven't been out of olcott since that last report. Been messing with walleyes lately letting ladyO get setup. Stay tuned. After today I have a strong craving for some king's in my life and intend on hitting em hard !
  10. What carburetor is on it? It is possible if someone put an automotive Q-Jet on it and utilized the PVC valve & hose, but it is not anything factory. Picture would say a thousand words.
  11. Yesterday
  12. Thanks I love it . Tons of room to fish . Sent from my SM-J327V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. Have never seen that before, at any rate if it was designed that way I would leave it alone.
  14. Yes you're right I should have 1 hose from each valve cover going to the spark arrestor which one does and the other one goes to my vacuum line on the back of my carburetor Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. To the best of my knowledge the "over fill " line is on the front of the carb and goes back to the fuel pump ,not the valve cover. Why would they have raw fuel possibly being dumped into the valve train ? Most Mercruisers have a hose on each valve cover that goes to the spark arrestor air filter. Any oil-residue that is generated by the engine that ends up in the valves covers is pushed and drawn towards the carb where it gets burnt , in theory with the gas. Not aware of any vacuum lines that would be attached to a valve cover , if anything there would be pressure not vacuum associated with the valve covers. So if its a 4 banger and only has one valve cover then leave it there. Doesn't hurt to clean the metal "air cleaner ' maybe wash out with old gas or carb cleaner , then wash-soak in a old bucket with dishwashing detergent.
  16. We did the best 70-80' today. We did have a couple lulls, but the rest of the time was busy. 50' down, 250 copper and 150 divers. Silverfoxcharters.net
  17. 2 captians pack riggers with dual rod holders and swivel base and mounting plates $700 for both 1 Brute ES with dual rod holders swivel base and mounting plate $600 All riggers are 6yrs old Sent from my SM-G955U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  18. Nice report.. I keep looking for olcott live ? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-J327A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  19. I ordered the vinyl from defender marine online. Its nautolex vinyl. I chose the color and the length and they cut it. It's sold by the yard. I ordered enough to do the floor, side panels, and drop panel in the back. I ordered 10 yards, so 30 ft. It was rolled and shipped very nicely. Shipping wasnt to bad of a price for how big the box was with the role inside. The vinyl is 7 ft wide so it was a big box haha
  20. Can't wait. See you in the morning. Sent from my moto g(6) using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  21. Today we fished the same water as yesterday with the same lures. Boated 5 fish. Caught one that was 8lb and change. Was 4th on the board this morning probably gone now. One more chance in the morning. If they are biting one rod is enough.If they are not biting one rod is to many.....
  22. looking good where did you get the roll of vinyl thanks
  23. wow beautiful rig, the debris has been bad
  24. Fished in front of Sandy this morning until around noon. Bite was sporadic for me as was the graph. Tried depths from 50 fow and 20-30 down out to 150 fow and 50-80 down. The best for us was 100-120 fow and 55-75 down. Went something like 8-11ish with a couple lakers, a steelie and the rest kings. Left my longer junk lines home anticipating a more shallow bite but got 1 laker on a 5 color. Couple salmon on riggers, but the slide divers did most of the work. All came on Stinger spoons and in the UV flavor. Inmate Orange, Green Alewife, Seasick Waddler, and good old Caddyshack bailing me out again. Not on my picture taking game today either...... Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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