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  2. Looking for 4 rod adjustable rod holders. Prefer Bert's ratchet style, Cannon single or dual axis, or Cisco. Not interested in Traxstech as I have 6 of these.
  4. I think you will like the fixed trees. I have adjustables and prefer them because I can fold them down to make them shorter to fit under my 8' garage door, but honestly I usually set the holders all at the same angle when fishing. The fixed holders have an extra straight tube at the top which is nice to store an extra rod, or even your net. I use mostly inline boards, but still like to use my big boards in the spring and fall when my baits are running at similar depths. I think they work equally as well for both types of planer boards. I would make sure you get trees that can swivel so you can turn them in for docking and trailering. Most manufacturers have this as either a standard or available option.
  5. $12 for 3 sets of 3 $3.70 shipping US Mirage Krink,LBB Powder Blue ,Lime,LBB Blue Green, Yellow Mirage, Silver krink
  6. No rods shown or mentioned.... Sent from my SM-G950U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. Today
  8. I have a 7' Cabelas Roller rod. $20 plus ship
  9. I agree 100 percent . Sent from my XT1609 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. Looking for two 7' dipsy rods. Let me know what you have!
  11. I have 2 spinning setups and a planno type box of lures,hooks and sinkers. I will drop it off when I get some time
  12. I have a 32 ft Chris craft Catalina for sale. It’s at keenest marine. Spent 5k in engines in 2018 but upgraded for 2019. Bought the boat for 17k. Make an offer. It runs great and is a great boat in rough water. I’ll sell for 7k.
  13. Hello my name is David Z and instead of asking for your cell or calling you if your number is listed [ as many are in the 10 or so boats I want to buy since I found this site ] I will ask you to email me so I have that info and then I will give you your full asking price as long as you give me your SS number, CCard number and bank account number. Of course since I am from " Michigan " I wont be able to inspect the boat like a normal person would until after I get all your personal info. And they have no boats for sale in that state ,that's why I keep posting here . Why I have not been banned from this site is beyond me.....
  14. Well being MIA from the predator seen most of the season I finally went out last night with my wife. Called fox in at two of the three sets missed one at 45 leaving me a discouraged marksman. But my biggest take from last night is I’m still using my original caller (fox pro spit fire) and it occasionally runs a real weird screeching noise on certain calls. Looking to upgrade to something that can project some more volume with clear tone. Anybody got a good take on the fox pro fusion versus the fox pro hammer jack. Also tried out a new quiver critter decoy rabbit that I was very unimpressed with does it seem to make unnatural noise as it shimmies around Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  15. If anyone fishing or plans on fishing the WHI and has any brief input on a few of the major changes, please submit a brief reply. Tournament organizers are always looking for ways to increase participation, or give events a new twist, or make changes due to comments from the past events. Like the dropping of the observer rule. Could be a good or bad thing but its a hangup for many and adds a body to someone's boat. So, proposing to drop it, may be a liked change and increase participation? Last year's WHI went very well, payout was as good as it can get for the number of participants, weigh in went fast and was very well run. This years biggest proposed changes are: no observer (LD test in lieu of), 8 rods from (6), Canadians fee is at par, so it may increase CND participation?, 7 fish max weigh (all could be kings or a combo of kings BUT 2 lake trout max)in an effort to possibly take some pressure off kings, put some pressure on trout and possibly create a different strategy. (King only guys might prefer a king only format-diverse guys may like an event with a twist similar to many south shore NY events which allow trout) and king-laker box is consistent with the week long trout and salmon slam leading up to the WHI. Also keep in mind, the LOC is also occurring that week and includes those two species as well. Those are the major changes occurring as the teaser video indicated.
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