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  2. Ray4852

    Canandaigua Woodville report

    Sk8man, you make a nice out door writer. you made a lot of good points but you make fishing to complictated for me. I agree this is a nice rainbow lake with a few browns but I think the Lake trout is still the bread and butter fish. Laker numbers are way down compared to what we had here 30 years ago. our weather the past month has been terrible. cold front after cold front with high wind. a cold front pushes fish down and makes them very hard to catch. you can still catch them but you won't get a lot.
  3. Ray4852

    Canandaigua Woodville report

    This is a tough lake to fish this time of year. where do you find the warmist water right now. I can go out tomorrow and run up this lake with one pass and come back and get the other ones I missed. I won't catch a lot but enough to keep my boat from smelling like a skunk. if you get that skunk smell in your boat. its tough to get rid of it. this is not a easy lake to fish.
  4. Very interested can you tell me the length thanks Chad Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Ray4852

    Sampson State Park photo update

    next year. if they rush this project. it will fall apart. The people that build this place years ago built stuff to last. today they build stuff to fall apart in a few years and look for more money to do it again later. look how they paved the road coming in to the park. that road won't last 10 years. the other part leading in is in worst shape now.
  6. kkokanovich

    Sold / Closed Tekota 600LC

    Are the reels still available? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. lakebound88

    Sampson State Park photo update

    Time will tell. Sent from my SM-G960U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Capt Vince Pierleoni

    2019 Sodus Pro/Am

    Great tournament with excellent community support. Thank you Matt and committee.
  9. Ray4852

    Sampson State Park photo update

    Nice pictures. this project will take two years. No way we will be launching this year. they have to lay the concrete for the launching ramp. The longer it sits and dry the better. parking lot needs to be paved. Did you see the work they are doing to the walls around the marina. This takes time. next year we can launch. anybody tells us they will have this place done by June is full of crap. The worst thing that happen here. they let go to long. I'm glad we got somebody with some common sense to come in and put money here. its a good move for the area. with the financial mess this state is in we should be all glad we are getting our marina updated.
  10. Capt Vince Pierleoni

    "The Kevin Davis Memorial Oswego Pro-Am"

    This event is shaping up to be a good one. Renewed local community support along with expanded rules and weather committees. This event has gone to a two tiered entry level for Pro teams. Teams can compete for approx half the entry fee than in the past, perfect for new Pro teams or Charter Captains that want to participate with their inexperienced party on board. Of course Pro teams can enter both divisions are play for bigger prizes. The most important thing is to participate, celebrate Oswego's July fishery and it's many twists, all while honoring one of Oswego's own. Kevin's family has chosen St. Judes Children's hospital as the benefactor for fundraising efforts that will run in conjunction with the Pro-Am. Watch for more updates here and on facebook @ Oswego Pro Am.
  11. Sk8man

    Great lakes lure

    Great people with a great product that has gotten even better over time
  12. I got a response to my PM saying "Text me at ########" and that went unreturned....
  13. panfisher

    SLR perch

    Got it.....cleaning the fish will tell. When we were kids on Long Island we'd catch spawning perch and when you gave them a mild squeeze the gametes would squirt out in a long stream with the male stuff flying out at least 9-10 feet! like a squirt gun filled with heavy cream! The fish were headed for the fryer so we'd have a little fun right after we caught them.
  14. Hi LOU members, I'm looking for a gently used Penn 209 LC. Thanks, Chris
  15. It’s a brown, no doubt Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  16. Do you still have a pair of the boats for sale?

  17. Trophyhunter1958


    i will take them , if you will ship to Norfolk Ny , PM me please
  18. This report courtesy of the Oswego County Department of Community Development, Tourism and Planning. This report was written on April 18, 2019. Oswego River/Lake Ontario report: According to Oz Angling Tackle: Steelhead fishing is heating up on the Lake Ontario tributaries. From the big rivers to small creeks, the spring steelhead run is definitely on. Lots of fish are in spawning mode right now but with fresh fish pushing up and some drop backs in the mix, there are plenty of fish to keep things interesting. With some recent rain, the water level has creeped up to 10,300cfs. Areas along the East River Walk behind the hotels and along the West River Walk are suggested areas to try. Click here to see the rest of this report on ILoveNYFishing.com.
  19. zackblain

    For Sale : USA Lowrance units

    Do these come with your waypoints?
  20. King Davy

    Dead Steelhead at Burt Dam

    Gambler, TU does have state council reps who work in Albany on many different initiatives concerning the health of cold water fisheries throughout the state. They like many other organizations both from the lake and the tribs have not been successful in gaining any traction on curbing the illegal activities on either the lake or the tribs. Including In-Land tribs where this goes on as well. In our focus group discussions one of the main topics was this very subject. We even had ECO officers join those meetings on occasion. There wasn’t any progress…and candidly I didn’t expect we’d find any….and here’s why. The DEC is not the target. It’s our elected officials and judges. They make the laws and how severe the penalties are. Our fish laws offer at best a slap on the wrist. Single stakeholder groups have brought these issues to the table numerous times, without any success. WHY…because we are talking to the DEC. We …and my description of “WE” would include TU, ELOTSA, Genny Charter Boat Association, LOTAC, and any other fishing club or professional group to sit down with the elected state senators, and assemblymen and elected Judges in the LO watershed regions. We need leverage, and the most impactful leverage is when these law makers think they are going to lose VOTES if they don’t pay attention to us. When fish are raped out of the tribs or the lake …it’s stealing from all of us. If we are all at the table with these elected officials….we have leverage. If they don’t pay attention we can start sending the pictures of zipper raped fish to our local newspapers to state this kind of sickening activity is happening in this elected officials district. Until there is monetary pain and personal suffering for raping our fishery, no amount of ECO’s and tickets are going to stop this. Heavy fines, jail time and loss of property works in Canada, Alaska and all the western states I visit. We need the entire sport fishing community to get behind calling our elected officials out on this. Single….”Special Interest groups” will never be successful. With many different sport fishing groups involved, showing solidarity, it will gain traction with the general public of ending these dastardly deeds. There by creating a tidal wave of attention to this issue, and maybe finally getting them to take us all seriously.
  21. Bumped up, see original post please for changes. Thanks
  22. For a variety of reasons (“life comes at you fast”), looking to sell my 2000 Wellcraft 22’ Walkaround I/O w/Volvo Penta 5.0 GL main and a Honda 9.9-hp 4-stroke kicker along with a 2000 Eagle tandem axle trailer. Bimini canvas w/curtains, travel canvas, Great Lakes Planers rocket launcher w/reels, dual batteries w/switch and on-board charger, bow pulpit/anchor, wash-down pump (new last year)/hose, livewell, fish storage, trim tabs, variety of rod holders, four electric riggers (2 Scottys, 2 Penns), Lowrance X-27c w/GPS, Moor Sub-Troll 900, Standard Horizon Eclipse DSC+ GX1150 VHF. Last few years been fishing Cayuga lake out of Hibiscus Harbor, serviced/maintained/stored by Hibiscus as well. 2019 seasonal dockage paid / included. Asking $18K obo. Not in water yet but will be in the next few weeks. Please PM with questions or interest, thanks.

    Dead Steelhead at Burt Dam

    That would work for me. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app

    Saltist 30 question

    1000’ of wire fits perfect. There is a slight space for backing but IMO it’s not worth the hassle. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  25. Custom Deluxe

    Flasher lot and spoon lot

    Spoons 45 flashers 65 Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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