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  2. I usually run my lighter gear up until I find myself targeting primarily salmon. Ran into a few of those physco kings over the weekend. It was a good "refresher" for proper drag setting, patience, and communication on the boat. Light rods, small leaders and terminal tackle..... what could possibly go wrong, lol. Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Looks like the high winds return this weekend
  4. A motor came up for sale I was looking at and did some searches and found mixed reviews . But wanted some input from anybody willing to shed some light on this motor as I'm not familiar with them. Thanks in advance. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-J327A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. I would put the 12# leaders away ( depending on where your fishing) ....learned a valuable lesson yesterday... #12 leaders, psychotic spring kings, and a guy used to ripping bass out of weeds do not mix......lol Sent from my VS996 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Boat and trailer only 11,500.00 Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. Yes I do but I have no idea what the shipping will be or are you coming to get them?
  8. Here's a better look . Starboard side, rear track.
  9. Today
  10. Do you take PayPal? My address is: Rick Pecci 8 Church St. Apt. B Pulaski, NY 13142 Sent from my SM-G955U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. Thank you for the information. I'll try again next week. Might make it a two-fer and hit artpark for some smelt as well.
  12. Pictures of boat and trailer???? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. Ttt Sent from my VS995 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. Act now throw in boat and trailer. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. This week’s STREAM fishing report is from Ron Bierstine from Oak Orchard Tackle and Lodge, Tues., Apr. 23, 2019. Click here to see the rest of this report on ILoveNYFishing.com.
  16. today 1 king 1 rainbow 5 browns all in under 20 feet of water
  17. Lake Ontario-Brown trout action continues with close to shore fishing. The wind has been somewhat of a problem, however when the charters can leave the docks, the excitement begins. Today is an off-shore wind and there is still a mudline on the lake. Often the best way to fish stained water is to troll in and out between clear and muddy waters. BT’S love the cover. Click here to see the rest of this report on ILoveNYFishing.com.
  18. Don't know that but it's easy to figure out. Assuming you're gonna do two identical reels with wire (since most ppl do them in pairs)… tape wire to your spool, reel on all 1000ft of wire, attach mono and reel until spool looks full, measure out 100ft, walk out those 100ft adding/removing mono until reel says 100 when you're at the 100ft mark. Zero out counter on 2nd reel, reel all the mono off 1st reel onto 2nd reel, note the number on the counter when mono ends ('X'), reel everything onto the 2nd reel. Now reel that 'X' amount of mono onto the first reel, attach wire and reel all of it onto first reel. Now you have 2 tuned reels with the right amount of backing. just a guess but you're prolly gonna need in the ballpark of 600+ft of 30lb mono, since a shimano 700 is larger than an okuma 30.
  19. How about a Shimono 700? How many yards/ feet of 30lb Mono?
  20. Forgot how much fun it is unload an load this boat solo ended with 7 Lakers 1 landlock . Sent from my XT1609 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  21. We went West Friday and Saturday. Friday boated 1 Atlantic, 1 Steelhead and 9 browns, biggest was about 10lbs. Saturday 3 kings and 3 brown trout. Biggest king was 18 lbs.
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