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  2. Leave it alone. It will allow for a better buck to doe ratio for those around the non believers.
  3. Seasense load mate trailer guide pole light retro kit $45 in Canandaugua NY allows you to load and unload your boat safely and accurately ALONE. A great christmas present for that fisherman on your list!!! part number 50080282. It is new in the package, and it does come as shown in pictures. Contact TJ @ 585-554-6636
  4. You are talking in circles. You can kill two bucks per year.
  5. Tom I really wish I could ignore facts and what is going on around the rest of the great lakes as well as you can. Ottawa broke records for flow, flood level and length of time above flood stage this year. Multiple times actually and in ever area of the river. Especially below the carillion dam. Keep ignoring the things that contradict your argument tho that's fine.
  6. Schumer wrote a letter to the St Lawrence Development Corp back in Nov: www.nny360.com/news/stlawrencecounty/schumer-urges-seaway-officials-to-take-immediate-steps-to-deter/article_484682fa-5722-5b58-9380-0eb871717479.html They promptly pushed it over to the IJC. The Chamber of Marine Commerce in Ottawa (Bruce Burrows - representing 130 shipping interests) replied to his plea that increasing outflows would disrupt shipping. (read the article) The Develop Corp probably would lose money as for the 2019 season as they had offered a 20% discount for the 2019 season on tolls for any ships they deemed as new business and a 10% rebate for any carrier who showed "an incremental increase in freight over the past 5 years." Anyone would be hard pressed to find water level data for the Ottawa and the lakes on a US Army Corps graph. (It's bad enough when reputable data is ignored, now P-2014 supporters ignore maps too. The Ottawa is in Canada) Never the less here's Canadian data for the last 15 yrs or so on the Ottawa at Pembrooke and at Grenville: Doesn't look to me like it's changed much in either place, contrary to what has been claimed. All the other reporting gauges follow the same patterns. Tom B. (LongLine)
  7. You cant because it's never been this high. Thus record. Same with lake Erie residents, also at record. Same with huron and michigan, same with st. Clair, same with the Ottawa. You seeing a trend here?? All at record levels. Plan 2014 isnt to fault here is my point. Natural levels would be much higher and levels with the previous practices would be exactly the same as what they are now. 2014s new parameters and practices havent even come into play yet and we are chopping off peoples heads without actually doing the research and making the comparisons that would actually assign proper blame. I dont know these people, if I had taken all this time to read what I've read and see what I've seen and thought for 1 second I could blame it on someone controlling a flood gate I would put the blame squarely where it belonged. It's just not the case. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  8. Yesterday
  9. What bullet powder combo are you using? Sent from my LM-V405 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. Tomorrow is my last shot this year. Good luck all. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  11. Maybe not in the IJC. A ship’ s pilot perhaps ? You obviously have an interest in keeping the water level at P-2014 levels. I don’t have all the graphs and charts that you present. What I do have is 70 years of experience on LO. My family owned a camp on N Sandy Pond through the 50’s and early 60’s down the road from the Wigwam. I have been on the S Pond for over 20 years In all those years , I can never remember water levels this high. You can spout all the reasons that the level is good. But I suggest you don’t do it face to face with a camp owner standing in knee deep water in his bedroom the property owners have got to band together and start a class action lawsuit against the IJC and P-2014. The threat of losing money is the only thing that will stop the Seaway and ship owners
  12. Lol. Nope. Avid fisherman who's spends about 120 days a year on the water here on the great lakes. I spend my days from lake st. Clair, Lake Erie, Georgian bay, Niagara River, lake ontario, The st Lawrence and the Ottawa. It opens your eyes to what is really happening when you get to see it from all angles. I spent almost 40 days below that dam this season between july and Nov. I've spent a lot of time between massena and Montreal in the last 10 years. Its pretty obvious to anybody who's been down there that flow is increased and water has been higher for the last 3 years. With all that being said I live in Niagara county and I can hear the waves of lake Ontario from my back porch. When you observe it from all angles and do the research it changes your opinion on the situation.
  13. December 15 pm 33 degrees cloudy skies flurries w wind 25+ with gusts 35+ becoming less than 10mph UGH... Well, I once again put eyes on that squiggled tined 8pt. That makes three times this week.Today he showed up at 345 at the other end with 5 does. The does worked across the field but he stayed right along the edge. 178 yards at one point. One more opportunity at him on Tuesday afternoon, at least according to the forecast. Trying to devise a plan for the next two days.
  14. Guns no good during bow. Bows no good during gun. Have a bow, gun and muzzle tag, both are good late season. That’s the deal. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  15. Uncle Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  16. But I said so if I tag it take it the processer. I still have a tag that says I’m legal in the woods. And she repeated. Sir you can only take one buck. But I think they realize they have a issue with the way the tags are worded. Once one Is tagged and gone. She said yes but now you don’t have a bow muzzleloader tag. Do you. Wich you need to use the other. Hmmmmm. Ok. It’s confusing but it comes down to. Only one buck. Is sll you can take. You can try it. But I wouldn’t recommend taking two at the same time
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