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  2. LL Bean has some grey nylon type that are very light and breathable and they zip above the knee so if you then want short pats you have them. They are well worth the $$ to me....4 seasons on them and plenty more to go.
  3. Forgot to put the price and location. $300 fir the pair. Watertown area. Will travel to Sandy Creek if necessary. I can’t ship Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. I have two Cannon Uni-Troll HP downriggers for sale they are in excellent condition. Adjustable booms 2 to 5 ft. Cannon weight retrievers and low profile swivel bases. One rigger has 400 ft of 150# stainless cable, the other has 250 ft of coated stainless 150 # cable ( had a down probe on this rigger ) both cables replaced last year the clutch pads and spring and pawl and bearing were replaced last year Very little use since then has 4 rod holders Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Thanks much guys! Man I spent a lot of money this summer. To be honest money is kind of tight. What kind of bucks woud I need to spare? No idea as I've never done anything like this. JD
  6. Wow, bummer. Are there any worth while oppratunities from shore in tha area at that time? How about perch or walleyes? Can you tell me a little more about the potential for bass and sheephead please? Large or smallmouth? I know what salt water sheephead are. Never heard of freshwater sheepehead. How does one fish for them? Would a light spinning outfit tossing leadheads and soft rubber, e.g. tubes, around hard structure be the ticket? JD
  7. The piers at the end of the Genesee are usually fished for smallmouth bass, perch, and drum in the summer. But it can be brutally hot out there, so you probably want to go early or late. A lot of folks vertical jig as the major structure is the pier itself. Inland trout streams near Rochester are limited to Irondequoit Creek up in PowderMills Park, and Oatka Creek, where there is a no kill artificials only stretch in Oatka Park. But August is the worst month of the season for trout, the major hatches are done and the water is very warm. IF you can spare the bucks, a charter could be a very productive trip, opportunities for salmon and trout.
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  9. Pier offers little that time of year. Maybe bass and sheepshead. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  10. Thanks, I'm disappointed but I needed to know that. That being said, what is avaiable from shore in Rocchester during the frst week of Aug? How about that peer? JD
  11. $16 includes shipping #1 mustard treble 4/0 octopus single 42” 50lb fluro leader rattle glow & uv beads Atommik flys never used ultra white glow Hammer green Krink uv powder blue send pm paypal [email protected]
  12. Doesn't look like it. I'll close the listing tonight if I sell them to Puffintuff...
  13. Brand new. I took it out of box and realized it wouldn’t work for my setup. I don’t have package but is new with all parts.Will post pics in a bit. 25 plus the ride
  14. welcome to the site! Opportunities for cold water fish from shore in the first week of August are non existent. Might be someone here willing to take you out for trout and salmon.
  15. I've forgotten a lot in the 17 years since I stopped fishing. I'm back now. Do these go on the downrigger cable or the line? 😬
  16. I agree if the temperature outside makes sense. If it's blazing hot I'll keep a pair of pants (khaki) in my jump bag on board.
  17. Hello, I'm new here. I just registered and posted a inew member introduction in the appropriate forum. My wife & I are visiting a friend in Roccester NY during the 1st week of August. I'd like to do a little fishing. I'm mostly a surf fisher, do some NE groundfishing jigging & trout fish in small streams in south eastern PA. I say that to say I have no idea where to start, what to fish for or how in Roccester. I see the Guenesee river enters there & there is what looks like a long pier there. Is that a good place to fish (i.e. the pier)? What species am I most likley to be able to catch there 1st week of August? I prefer tossing lurse but am in no way above fishing bait of any kind. What gear should I bring? I love trout, would be sooooo pumped to catch a salomon, steelhead is #1 on my bucket list. Perch or walleyes would be excellent too. I'm not into catfish. Any help, adviseor info will be greatly appreciated. Even if it's simply directing me to resources. PM's are very welcome as not to spot burn. No worry about that. It's just me fishing & I'm only going once and going back home to PA. Thanks in advance! Respectfully, JD
  18. Blue jeans are the perfect solution. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  19. Hello everyone. I live in south eastern PA, teach in wimington DE. I trout fish in south PA in small local stocked streams. I'm an avid surf fisher. I target stripers, fluke & blues. I also do a bit of jigging for New England Groundfish. My wife & I are planning on visiting a friend in Rocchester NY on Lake Ontario near the Guinesee river. I'm planning do doing a little fishing but will certainly need some info and guidance. I'll try to post a question in the appropriate forum. Thanks! JD
  20. Thanks for the report. Taking my son out tomorrow for the 1st time in many years.... Teen angst finally wearing off, hoping we do well.
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