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  2. 2 more including first night mode trolling muskie. 38, 38.5, and 36 since I started this thread, so thanks to those who've contributed so far. And before someone points it out, yes, I'm trolling with a casting set up at the moment haha. I bought a TDR and it came with a chipped eye that cut 80lb master braid twice in a row while dropping my bait back... that's with no tension..the first time I thought wow I must've missed a bad knick in my line. thank god it was a bright floating bait. 15239.mp4
  3. 27' 1989 Tiara FOR SALE **ALL FRESHWATER BOAT** **READY TO FISH** Approximately 2,200 hours (on each motor); Motors are 350 Crusaders Comes with all electronics pictured, including Garmin radar, Garmin 741xs fishfinder/radar/chartplotter combo, Si-Tex autopilot, dedicated Garmin GPSmap 182C chartplotter, FishHawk X4D Comes with 3 Canon downriggers, 2 Mag 10 and one Mag 5. Electric planer board retrievers, as well. Spacious cabin with fully functioning head (commode, sink, shower option), kitchen (stove, sink, refrigerator) and overhead fishing rod storage. Seats and bolsters reupholstered two years ago, new carpeting put in cabin this year. Well taken care of, very clean. Asking $40,000. Please call Bryan at 412-216-1191 with questions.
  4. Mexico State launch. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Today
  6. Legal action is the only way. Chase the money. I am sure there is a lobby that the shipping industry uses.
  7. Wicked currents for sure that day Matt. I thought the secret that day was the Keystones. [emoji481] Gonna have to get the Optimizers outta mothballs. Sent from my SM-G950U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. A little better today, 9/11, found a big bait pod and kept working it. 330 fow between Wilson and Olcott.
  9. Stingray sized spoons & spin dr./fly combos were busy for me yesterday, down 60-70 over 80-100 FOW
  10. Oh my Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. The Opti-grab glasses were a big hit back in the day. https://m.facebook.com/pages/category/Company/Opti-Grab-188543405397/
  12. Has anybody tried rubber coating there net. If so what you use?
  13. Coming up near the end of August and staying in Pulaski for a few days. Where is the best spot to launch with a 21ft deep V boat? Willing to travel and pay for a nice launch. Never been to the area. Thanks! Eric
  14. 3 Shark Attractors for sale. All the same "Money Shot" $30.00 for all 3. Buyer pays shipping.
  15. The spikey end of velcro glued to a paint stirrer is pretty nice, but ya cleaning rods every 15 minutes. Sent from my SM-G950U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  16. i have an older 85 sea nymph, 19 foot fish and ski, 90 horse with a 6 horse kicker. just had it on ontario this past weekend, and last month spent 3 days on cayuga, comes with 4 cannon mag 10's, 5 rods, older lawrance fish finder/gps, planer mast, 2 batteries, canvas cover and original top with side windows looking to get $3,800 with all the gear. if interested i'll get some pics for you. [No Subject].zip
  17. Honda was a 2016, that is Sold though! Still have the TR-1 Autopilot to sell
  18. My setup is 5 rods Put a flasher down below bait and 2 spoons , one 10 ft above and one 10 ft below for starts on the riggers and adjust from there . If the flasher is hot , put out another on the rigger and run one deepest and one shallowest and the spoon between but keep them 10 ft apart . When I get ready to change I will drop thAt rod deep for a bit before popping it . Sometimes it works . But don't put everything at one depth , it scares the fish . Dipsys , one flasher and one spoon and you have it covered.
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