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  2. Hence the old stories of getting “stung” by a bull head when you were a kid. It is really just the slime with bacteria getting in your system if you were ever poked. I remember once having a heck of a time with my hand after perch fishing. In 20 years we’ll all be suited up in rubber suits so we don’t get poked and bit lol Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. I haven't caught one but it reminded me of some good luck I had last year. I had my line break with a flasher-fly and a cheater line and spoon, like $15-20 worth of hardware gone so I thought. I looked back and the fish was flopping around on the surface so I thought what the hell and turned around got in the front with my net and scoop him out of the water with all my lures. Cool!
  4. Bump Sent from my moto z3 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. have not caught one with any bling but have gotten 5 flashers and flies out of dead/floating fish over the years
  6. There are many reasons that folks usually don't share specifics on here and one of the main ones is similar in principle to the issue with mentioning stream fishing data and spot burning. many people see the info on here and places can get fished out. The issue is especially relevant to perch and crappies as they are a "schooling" fish. Some people feel that the supply of these fish is unlimited and that no matter how many are taken they just replenish themselves "magically".somehow. It takes crappies and perch quite awhile to mature and since they aren't protected during spawning or at any other times of the season they are quite vulnerable despite the magical thinking of the naysayers. The trout and salmon fishing on open lakes is a very different animal because the fish are dispersed within the fishery rather than concentrated in major schools and they are protected by regulations during much of the spawning season.....big difference. Usually information regarding these species is transmitted by PM on here rather than being posted generally.
  7. Still have any available? And they are the high speed correct? Thanks
  8. Black north launch closed ,didn’t know ,launched my boat today at 5:00am
  9. Today
  10. I tried dipping an old net I had in plasti-dip a few years ago... the kind you use to coat tool handles. Didn't turn out well, made a big mess and the cost of plasti-dip needed was over 1/2 the cost of a brand new coated net. Don't waste your time or money
  11. If anyone catches a few Crappie or perch locally, they don't share any specifics ever here, - for whatever reason.. However, they limit out on 10-15 pound Browns/Rainbows/Salmon, you'll get lure type/color/depths/speed/temperature/ water clarity/rigger ball design/flea and weed reports, and GPS numbers... Never understood it.. When I want good eating fresh water fish, I go to clear water lakes with a few worms under a bobber and catch big sunnies.. Every bit as good eating as crappie, fight a lot harder , and no one keeps secrets about them.. they are just there and readily available... bob
  12. They got line counters and get 2 ft per crank. Ive cranked up 10 lb fish weights with mine for years even tho they are rated for 8 lbs.
  13. I called a friend of mine that works for the dec inquiring when the state launch will be opening and he told me that the head of operations is looking at it weekly and until the level drops it won’t open.... but he couldn’t say how far it has to drop to open it...... Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. When you read about flesh eating bacteria, ecoli, the blue green algae, microscopic organisms, it is becoming concerning.
  15. Good information SK8man. Much appreciated.
  16. Welcome aboard, its a great site.
  17. The fleas will usually be present until the water temps come down in the Fall. The fleas are not always clustered in every spot or in all strata within the water column. This is probably why some folks get into them in concentrations that differ throughout the lakes as well as within a given lake. The fishook type of flea seems the most problemmatic and most difficult to remove. In short, you can't rely on second hand information and should prepare for the worst until Fall water temp reduction.
  18. Hi Bluegiller. Do these have line counters? Any idea of the ratio (1:1, 1:2, etc,)? I’ve been looking at getting the newer uni-trolls but haven’t been able to justify the expense. Do you know if the bases and swivels are the same as the electric mag-trolls? Sorry for all the questions. I’m headed to Olcott Monday and might be able to meet up with you then. Thanks, Chris Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  19. I like the looks of this one moon, check it out next week when your up there.
  20. Must be able to haul 9000# Sent from my LML713DL using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  21. Looking for tri axle trailer to haul 27ft boat Must be able to haul 9000# Sent from my LML713DL using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  22. I caught a king in the Salmon River that looked like it had run through a tackle shop it had so many broken off flies and sponges and rubber eggs, etc etc etc stuck all over its body. And I retrieved a fly I had broken off in a large Rainbow out by Sodus one spring morning when I caught the fish later the same day on a different fly.
  23. https://www.uptodate.com/contents/soft-tissue-infections-following-water-exposure I worked in Public Health. I did the background investigation of a local stormwater facility where an individual had cut his thumb while fishing. 5 days later he had to have it amputated due to a severe Aeromonas infection. I had to catch fish to submit to a laboratory for testing (Please don't make me go into the briar patch!). We found that the fish had tumors and high levels of pesticides, but Aeromonas is ubiquitous in aquatic environments. Anymore, with the "flesh eating" strains of staph and the other antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria, cuts have to be treated rapidly and vigilantly. If I were going to gill a lot of fish anymore, I think I'd glove up first.
  24. Man, I wish someone on here would buy this. This is a great boat that's rigged for Lake Ontario.
  25. They do give them a call. It is called Oswego Marina. Last I talked to them they were booked solid but it is always worth a phone call.
  26. You're not the only one that thinks that. I had 2 break offs last week. Good question.
  27. If that is a question , I don't , but you can . Flasher with a fly , or cut bait or I use my Gary D rig. Leads of 25 ft for me . Sometimes I run the spoons back farther .
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