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  2. Ill take every 47 size reel that isnt sold if you will ship them to 14094.
  3. I have a Outboard to Outboard ez complete. If Interested? Not sure of difference in I/o to Outboard? $150 Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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  5. Ttt Sent from my SM-N920V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Just curious how far from the leadcore do you usually attach your planer board? Thanks
  7. Located in lacona,sandy creek I have the otter boats orange and I also have a set of wood folding ones not sure of the make Both sets for $200
  8. Pm sent Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  9. Thanks for posting. Many appreciate your help and input Sent from my moto x4 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. Thanks for your report. It seems larger landlocks are tough to find this Summer
  11. I look forward to the Sodus Pro am every year. It is a fascinating tournament- sometimes it's all about kings, sometimes it's all about browns... you have to be versatile. Plus, it's home for us! I fished last Monday and knew there were browns around, so that plan was already stowed away. I heard all week about kings, and guessed that would be the program Friday: I haven't fished kings in almost a month, so we were in search mode. My goal was to find areas with active fish, mark em, and move on. So, we set down in 100 on a NW troll off the trailer park. Immediately we were into mature kings, boating 3 15-18 lb kings in the first 2 hours. with those waypoints stowed, we headed deeper, and banged a few more mature kings in 150 FOW. we stowed those waypoints and moved NE- when we crossed 200 FOW, we banged 3 more kings. I decided to turn around in that water as it looked really good (mostly to make sure it really was that good) and banged 4 more fish (3 kings and a steelie). then we pointed north, and located some nice steelies out in 330-400 FOW straight out. For good measure, we boated another nice king in 150 FOW on the long troll in. Everything worked. Our best rigs were meat on chinook dipseys out 120-180 and riggers with UV spoons down 45-65. we ended the day with ~20 bites, and all but 5 were on kings 14 lbs plus. we even got to do a bunch of catch and release. Needless to say, I felt pretty good about our prospects! Saturday: I was pretty confident. I had 4 batches of waypoints to work, and a bunch of lures that I knew would go. Our temp profile was about the same (temps were 54F down about 55) when we set down. But our screens didn't look nearly as good? we worked our 120 waypoints... nada. We worked our 150 waypoints... nada. we worked out to 200 FOW and did finally hit a 20 lb king, a skipper that we had to throw back, and missed another. But our screens looked like absolute crap, and the ones we did see were VERY negative? we opted to work east a bit, and rotted for about 3 hours. I was dying. So at 10:45, we decided to run out to 330 to at least pick up a few steelies for a morale booster. We were greeted out there by barren screens all the way out to about 460. I knew that weighing 1 fish will eliminate me for tomorrow, so we opted to run in and pick on brownies just for points. we banged a small brown right away, missed one, then watched fish after fish rise to look at our rig, then dive back down. It happened all day, not sure why? we picked up a pretty 25 inch Atlantic at 1:35 that we had to throw back, and we weighed in 2 fish???? I haven't had a day that bad in several years. Sunday: we saw that some of the guys that did well Saturday were literally right next to us in ~200 FOW.... the bite just turned on later for them. we opted to stay in 100-200 FOW all day the night before- that turned out to be a good decision, just based on the weather. It was pretty gnarly out there. We ran out in 2-3s and pretty quickly got into some 4s and perhaps even some 5s. it was a tremendous pain to maintain speed and direction, but the fish were more cooperative for us. In fact, our first fish came just 3 minutes into fishing time. we boated 4 majors in the first 1.5 hours of fishing (24, 21, 20 and 13 lbs)- two on meat down 160 on the dipsey and 2 on riggers with spoons down 70-80. All of our hits came trolling west. Our bite died at 8 am, and we never really got back on them. we did take a steelie out in 200 FOW that we threw back, and that was it. we missed our last 5 hits in 120 FOW around noon, mostly on meat rigs, and went in with just 4 kings?!?!?!? It was not fun out there- we had a bunch of tangles and popped dipseys from fighting the waves. Ill be the first to tell you that I have NO idea why our fishing was so epically bad on Saturday. No clue. the fish were very negative for us. They would streak up, look at our rigs, and dive down. we tried longer leads, shorter leads, lighter line, going slower, going faster, down and outs....didn't matter. It was a humbling tournament (and 2 days of fishing) for me. My team did everything right and deserved better. Fortunately it was a good time overall and the tournament was VERY well run. Ill be back next year, hopefully with a lot better results! The kings are huge this year, so get out there and kill em!
  12. Awesome thanks. are these native fresh water crabs? Crayfish? do they sell them at local bait shops or does one need to catch their own? JD
  13. I'll take the two linecounters and the Scotty Rod Holders. Let me know how much to ship to 45133 as soon as you get PayPal setup.
  14. I would consider shipping also. I will have to set up a PayPal account. I'll try to check into both tomorrow. I'm new to selling stuff on this site sorry you guys have to put up with an amateur haha. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. I also fish Mexico Bay and Henderson at least a few times a week I can meet someone there as well Sent from my Pixel 3 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  16. Yes, and you should be able to fish it the same way for the next month with great results so a good reason to visit again!! Somewhere around the first of September the spawning fish start to head south towards Taughannock and other inflows. Hope your hands are healing. Better have them 100% for Kansas.
  17. consider shipping? Ill pay shipping with FEDEX ground- rods reels Gary 55304
  18. 2-diawa 27h reels $15 each 2-shakesphere line counter reels $10 each 1-diawa 47h reel w/ Shimano Triton rod $25 2-diawa 47h reel 3 color lead core w/ great lakes rod $25 each 1-diawa 47h reel w/ ugly stick pole $25 3-diawa 27h reels w/ Shimano Triton poles $25 each 2-diawa 27h reels w/ great lakes rods $25 each 1-diawa 47h with 125ft of copper $20 1-diawa 47h 5 color lead core $15 2-15lb anchors $10 each 2-new Scotty rocket launcher rod holders $35 for the pair. I'll throw in the two other rod holders next to it in the picture 6 rod holder-$5 2-boat seats $20 for the pair 2-downrigger balls 6lb $15 for both. If someone wants the whole package I'll cut them a deal. You can text or call me 315-778-2588. Located in Lowville ny Sent from my Pixel 3 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  19. Chautauqua...... Sent from my SM-S727VL using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  20. Many years ago fishing on Chautauque Lake for walleye, we were using jigging rapalas and using that jerk hard and let the rapala flutter dowm technique. I hooked a nice walleye and he broke me off. About 15 minutes later my buddy gets a walleye on same method, gets it to the boat and hanging out of the mouth is my rapala. Was a 7lb walleye, we were using 8lb test with very small raps. Sent from my SM-S727VL using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  21. I have a Airmar TM-150 medium chirp ducer with my HDS-Carbon unit. We fish Erie and L.Ontario. Very happy with performance. Previous had a 200 khz skimmer ducer. Was good inside 100 fow. Marked very little when we went off shore on L Ontario. z i've
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