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  1. I have a question for who ever wants to answer it. I have not been on the lake for a while I was going thru all of my gear and found I have a lot of both 8 in spin dr and some 10 in spin drs same goes with E chips I see from a lot of posts that the 12 in E chip is a plus when running meat deep. Which will be fairly new to me. I’m from the dodger squid era . So meat will be a challenge (I used it one time years ago LOL)But are the 8 inch e chips paddles used for meat also or are flies put on instead? I have always run the 8 in spin dr with flies on my wire rods but does any one run the bigger spin dr with flies So I’m kinda lost as what to run with what (flies/meat). Any help would be greatly appreciated





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  2. Good morning gentlemen,

    I hate to ask dumb questions but here goes. I noticed that a lot of guys run paddles with meat rigs. Are there certain type that are run just for meat? I have dodgers that I used with squid back many years ago but don’t think they will help me out in this day and age(LOL) so my question is what are your favorite size paddles and brand name for running meat for staging Kings. I would like to try and find some for my up coming trip to Oswego. I appreciate any replies thanks.




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  3. Hi guys Im still kicking :lol: Been very busy really havn't had a chance to sit down and post like the old days. but I'm heading up to the oak to fish with Manac at the end of the month looking forward to that.Dads hanging in there in a wheel chair now not getting around like he used to not much I can do but see him when I can.Musky Miss you too Man ;(

    Striper I will shoot you a pm when I get a chance.

    Miss shooting the bull with everyone hope that changes soon .Have a good one all Later

  4. I bought the HDS-8 with the LSS structure scan last spring and its awesome. the structure scan is unbelievable I found an old dock in my lake that has a board missing from the top of it and i can see it like it was a picture from a camera. If I ever learn how to down load the files I will post it. Lowrance customer service has gotten allot better that it used to be But i think they have a long way to come if they want to keep up with furuno they have a great customer service you cant go wrong with them :)

  5. Striper, I'm here in the back ground but I have been a very busy man lately :) My old man isn't doing very well so I have been spending alot of time going back and forth to maine so I haven't had a lot of free time. I miss talking and posting here I hope things get better soon so I can get back to posting like old time.I also started a new job this spring and we are very busy. I am trying to get back into real life again but it's not as easy as it sounds. Hope you and the family have a great Holiday.

  6. Try this web site gives a good report.

    http://www.nws.noaa.gov/om/marine/zone/ ... /bufmz.htm

    This is a great wind report site

    http://www.sailflow.com/windandwhere.iw ... meoffset=0

    My best weather site is standing at the ramp and looking out on the lake. if the big boys go out then there is a good chance you can also make it out(I say a chance not always) it depends on where you fish this time of year and the size of your rig. the bar is a good bet now because you can always drift live bait in the river if it to bad out. plus a south wind might let you get into 100 fow or less and not get beat up to bad lots of choices this time of year. best of luck and just be smart when heading out it's not worth going out just for 1 or 2 fish if the weather s**ks. Just my 2 cents

  7. Zeke how goes the battle? I'm going to miss you guys this year out at the bar. I have thing that need to be done so I won't be able to make the spring run. I will be out at the oak at the end of July to the first weekend of Aug I have Talked to Eric and I think I'm good maybe if your around head up.Hope you have a great spring this year.

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