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  1. I drag raced at local dragstrips for many years(25) to be exact. It was my RUSH! I had to quit, for reasons......but still missed that RUSH. A very good friend of mine took me out on his 19 foot aluminum boat for salmon fishing. I cannot explain it, but you guys and gals know...When you hook up to a Salmon and line is screaming off the reel....there's nothing in the world like that feeling. The nice part is, the family can enjoy the outing with you. They can fish or suntan or listen to tunes. I learned more about what was going on with my kids when they were younger, because we were in a Neutral setting and relaxed to talk. Fishing...like my Drag Racing days, is a family of friends out there. As far as The BIG Pond....you never know what you are going to hook into. Each trip is a whole new memory and experience! Steve...................

  2. I remember running out of Silver Bullit wit a bloody nose J-Plug, and going into Pulaski and just buying the plain silver bullit J=Plug. Then I went to the drug store and picking out some Red nail polish. Man, the looks I got! My son high tailed out of the store before I hit the register. Steve....... "Gotta do what ya gotta do!"

  3. Thanks guys! It's going to be a long winter. If I get cabin fever, I can always put 4 rods on the back of my pick=up and tow them with cut bait down the street at 2.5 m,p,h, and see how many cats I can catch........Just a joke( I like cats too). Good to be here- Thanx for the warm welcomes. Steve.....................

  4. Sorry to hear of that problem! Now ya got ME scared! I just purchased a 2010 Tracker Targa and I only have break in hours on it. Yeah, I have the same 150 H.P. Verado. Did Merc. make it right with you? Steve........

  5. Name: Steve

    Location:Home Port:Long Pond Channel

    Boat Name/Type:'waking Angel" 1990 PennYan 215 Tempest and 2010 Tracker Targa..and others

    I fish for:Trout and Salmon


    Hi, fishing friends! I started lake trolling in Mexico Bay with 2 downriggers, 2 lures(green and silverNK and a Watermelon-NK. That was back in 1998. My most memorable moment in fishing was my 12 year old son reel in a 36# King Salmon the second time that we tried cut bait, and place 12th place in the 2000 Fall Derby. Today, things have changed... Over 150 some odd lures and more than a dozen Flashers and Slashers........not to mention 5 boats, I still love fishing when I can.......Yeah, I'm disabled now...in my mid 50s but, I enjoy every chance I can to get out there. This year I'll be fishing out of the Oak for the first time, as well as Rochester.Fishing, to me is a true "family" sport. I support the Charter guys for working their butts off for their clients.I took my son on one after we started, and believe me...It's worth the cash. Thanks to all who take their time making this site the "BEST"! "screemin reels to all for 2011! Steve........

  6. J.D. thanks again for your help in loading our boat on the trailer at the ramp. Sorry to hear ya got skunked, but it had to be nice to get out fishing. Nice meeting you and maybe we can team up sometime when I get the Penn Yan cleaned up and the electronics straightened out. Your boat is set up nice! Sincerely,Steve and Tom...."Waking Angel"

    PS: Glad ya made it in safe....that lake can turn in an instant!

  7. Hi, my son and I mostly fish out of Little Salmon River with our Penn Yan. At home, we fish out of Long Pond Channel with out Starcraft or Grumman boats. Best of luck and fun to all this season! Steve.......

  8. Waterlogged, Chinook, Mikejones: Thanks so much for the good wishes. This sport and the people that I have met along the way is why I'm here today. I had to loosen my drag for 6 months and play it out, but in the end I reeled in life. Best wishes to all on this board for a safe and fun upcoming season!


  9. Hi, guys! I fish out of the Little Salmon River in Mexico Bay. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get a map of the shoreline showing creeks that empty into Lake Ontario. I will be fishing there in the Spring and understand Catfish Creek is a good area to start with. While I'm at it, I live between Braddocks Bay and the Genny. Are there any shore line maps for this area? Thanks in advance for any help.

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