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  1. The bulb is firm when I pump it. The motor will start right back up. Not really sure how long until it stalls again but its several minutes. I don't know how old the plugs are. could this be the problem even though the motor seems to run fine for a while? 

  2.  I have a new to me boat that came with a 1997 9.9 Yamaha kicker. The motor seems to run fine for a while then will chug for a little then stall. I can start it up again and run fine for a bit then the same thing will happen. I thought it might not be getting fuel so I tried priming the bulb when it would start sputtering but it stalled anyway. the gas line is connected to my main fuel tank with a tee fitting from the main line. Not sure if it has a low oil or overheating sensor.  Oil levels are fine and I changed the impeller a couple of weeks ago. I'm not familiar with 4 stroke outboards so any help is appreciated.

     Thanks, Rick

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  3.  Rick, Thanks for the reply. I'm not real knowledgeable about how the fishfinder frequency works.  Mine is not a chirp unit. I usually keep it on 200kz. when it loses bottom. These are my transducer specs.


    • Down Imaging/DualBeam Plus
    • 75 degrees/ 45 degrees 455/800 kHz (DI)
    • 25 degrees/16 degrees 200/455 kHz with built-in temperature
    • 20' Cable



  4.   I have an older Helix 7 DI fishfinder that seems to mark fine when I'm at slower speeds. At higher speeds It doesn't mark anything and usually loses the bottom and depth reading all together. It came with the  HUMMINBIRD XNT 9 DI T TM TRANSDUCER - 710226-1. I have tried changing the angle and location but no difference. Is this a transducer problem and is there a better transom mount transducer that would work better? If it matters  I don't really care about the DI function.

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