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  1. 1 hour ago, GAMBLER said:

    Braddocks is a complete mess.  The point is 60 yds longer than it used to be.  The sand pushed between the point and the wall filling in the bay along the point.  It

    Nice..... add the low water conditions and this spring should be fun. ... Can't wait until a few of of the big, twin screw V-8 go fast boats show up and use their deep draft and matched stainless steel props to dig a new channel

  2. 18 hours ago, keepin it reel said:

    Baddad  we've been using the trilene big game fmono for our leaders and mainlines without issue its pretty inexpensive and seems to take abrasion pretty well  so it can be changed out often if needed we found when connecting it to the wire it was beneficial to have that stretch especially due to the fact the wire dosent  stretch and with flouro it can be brittle at inopportune times if you know what i mean  


    Same here for years... body baits and spoons get a flouro. leader, everything else is straight mono.

  3. I drove by last week, it looks like the new ramps aren't even in yet.

    West Point marina at Braddock bay is a mess right now too. You can't swing a dead cat down there without hitting 3 or 4 pieces of construction equipment.... looks like a new sea wall and who knows what else.  I hope they finish up soon.


  4. 1 hour ago, reelintense said:

    It does concern me that A) it’s low... B) it’s dropping not rising.

    The rise I see here coincides with the extreme wind we had earlier in the week. This info. I believe is from Oswego,  so the wind may have pushed the water up a bit there... it's showing a drop now.


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  5. The first early trips out of Braddocks Bay will interesting. Sand pushed back in the channel plus low water, plus any debris flushed out of the bay into the channel..... I think I'll put my waders in the boat the first few trips and be trimmed up and moving at idle speed. Better safe than sorry.

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