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  1. Shellback, I saw the boat you're talking about. That boat has more hours on it than I'd like. I'm turning 50 in 2 weeks and wanted to get one more new rig as my "retirement boat", not that I'm ever going to stop working. I've caught lots of fish out of my 17ft. deep vee the last 10 years, and dropping 30K to get a foot wider and 3 feet longer didn't make much sense to me. My wife, on the other hand wants to bite the bullet and go for it. She has no trouble spending money.. :lol::lol::lol: ...... One of the hardest things in life to learn is "when is enough, enough ?" Bigger house, bigger trucks, bigger boats, 200+ cable stations, plasma screen TV's, gota have, gota have, gota have............

    It's not having what you want, It's wanting what you have..........

  2. The wife and I went to the Syracuse show with the intent of making a deal on the 19ft. Starcraft fishmaster. We couldn't believe how much the prices went up. :shock: :shock: I just bolted a new Traxstech track system on the old Starcraft and will add a new Furuno sonar in a few weeks and keep the other $25,000 in the bank. I can't justify that kind of money to fish one day a week.

  3. I've stacked riggers for a bunch of years before dipseys and leadcore were all the rage. The only time I stack now is to get 2 lures deep with longer leads. To tell you the truth, it doesn't make any difference. The key is to do it the same each time so you don't get tangled up. I run 2 downriggers off the sides with the bottom rod in the 'rigger holder pointing out sideways. The top rod goes in a holder pointing straight off the stern. I just have to remember to pull rods from the center of the boat outwards, and I'm always pulling the top rod first. Just my 2cents

  4. As some of you know, I made a suggestion to the city to install floating docks along the sea wall at the ferry terminal so rec. boaters would have a secure, safe place to tie up and use the resources at the terminal. I received a response today. I've posted it below.

    Jim S.

    Mr. Stephany;

    Jean Howard asked that I respond to your email which suggested the

    installation of a floating dock system adjacent to the terminal at the

    Port of Rochester. The City is aware of the demand for such facilities

    and responded by installing112 boat slips (a floating dock system) along

    River Street from Latta Road to Petten Street and a boater facility

    building which houses public rest rooms. These docking facilities are

    being managed for the City by Gibbs Marine and are available by the

    hour, by the day and for overnight use. For additional information,

    please contact Gibbs Marine at 227-1579.

    Understanding that the same demand should be accommodated in closer

    proximity to Ontario Beach Park and the commercial establishments on

    Lake Avenue, the City prepared a Master Plan for the port area which

    includes a public marina to provide for both short term and overnight

    docking immediately adjacent to the Park, north of the terminal. The

    Master Plan will be submitted to Rochester City Council for adoption,

    pending environmental review which is a public process that will likely

    be concluded later in the year. The schedule for construction of the

    new marina is unknown at this time.

    In the interim, I have asked my staff to investigate the feasibility of

    your suggestion. The floating dock systems are ideal for this use

    because as you said they are easy to move and can be utilized on a

    temporary basis. As you probably are aware, however, the City's use of

    the terminal facilities is tied up in a lease with the former operators

    of the fast ferry, and while the ferry is no longer in port, the

    location you propose to use is within the current boundaries of a U.S.

    Custom and Border Patrol facility and public access may be restricted.

    Thank you for your email, I appreciate hearing from you and sincerely

    welcome any suggestions you might have that would contribute to

    promoting the Port.

    Paul M. Holahan


  5. Add me to the list of brownie lovers... nothing better than a few small fish from that ice cold spring lake water.... fry the bacon, cook the 'taters and onions in the bacon grease, add the bacon back into the 'taters, drop the battered brownies in the deep fryer..... this is a tradition at my house after the first spring trip. 8)

  6. I sent an e-mail to the deputy mayor this morning. She has already responded and said she will look into my suggestion. Perhaps others who use the port will contact her as well.

    Jean Howard's e-mail address is:

    [email protected]

    Here's a copy of the e-mail I sent to her.

    Dear Ms. Howard,

    As an avid boater and fisherman for many years, I would like to submit a suggestion that the city look into adding a floating aluminum dock system running parallel to the existing wall along the ferry terminal. This would allow pleasure boaters to tie up safely and securely at the port and have access to the restaurants and services at the harbor and along Lake Ave.

    This type of floating dock is modular and designed to be assembled quickly on site. As the City moves forward with port development, the docks can be disassembled and moved to other locations and configurations to accommodate future marina or docking requirements.

    This type of dock has been in use at the State docking facility on the Oak Orchard River, Point Breeze, N.Y. in Orleans County for many years,and are also used by private marinas South of the ferry terminal.

    I believe that the relativity low cost, long product life, and modular flexibility would make this type of system perfect for port expansion. Free, secure docking WILL bring boaters to the Port of Rochester.

    I also sent some pics of floating dock systems.

    Merry Christmas to All !! ....................... Jim S.

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