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  1. Sorry Jax, the Simrad replaces a rotary helm. A Rack and Pinion needs to be replaced with a new steering cable. Glen, the AP12 and 14 are the same mechanically, I believe the big difference is that the AP 14 has a digital display showing the compass heading it is locked onto. I thought it was worth the couple hundered extra bucks. Tim
  2. Yes, I've been there a couple of times for the Scotty Tournaments. Really nice port and the fishing is unbelievable. Tim
  3. I second the Simrad AP14 I installed one in my 24' Thompson last year, worked flawlessly and was pretty easty to install. The biggest PITA was replacing the steering cable. (Mine was a rack and pinion and the Simrad replaces a rotary steering helm, so I had to replace the R&P cable with a rotary one). I haven't heard of anyone that has a bad thing to say about the Simrad. Tim
  4. Richard, I believe that is Port Darlington, Bowmanville Ontario. Tim
  5. Scotties here all the way, used to use the offshores, but like the scotties better. I have used blacks on other peoples boats and really didn't care for them. No problems with em, I just like the pinch pad types with the leads on them better. Tim
  6. I have no idea what you guys are talking about. I have always thought that brownies were one of the better tasting salmonids out there. They are absolutely my favorite in the smoker. I wish we caught more than we do. Tim
  7. Billy, I'm guessing its gotta be 89 or older. From what I know of Grady's after the 89 model year, they stopped putting I/O's in and only came with OB's If that's true, Upgrady's ride is in amazing shape. Tim
  8. Adam, I always just buy mine at the Canadian tire Store in Fort Erie, about 5 minutes off the Peace Bridge..... Not that that answers your question at all Tim
  9. Dave Mull moved to Cheektowaga last year. From what I understand, rumore has it he met a woman from Niagara Co. Tourism at an outdoor writers convention a year of two ago. I guess it's going well. Or maybe he's just tired of catching those runt Lake Michigan Salmon and wanted to come over here where we catch BIG fish . Dave Joined LOTSA this year and will be our March Speaker to kick off the LOTSA Semionar Season. In case anyone is interested, here's the rundown for 2007: Feb 8, Pen Rearing and Cormorant Control Updates with DEC Personnel March8, 2007 Great Lakes Trout & Salmon Outlook, Dave Mull of GLA Mag April 12, T & S Fishing out of Wilson Harbor with Capt. Mike Johannes May 10, Spring Niagara Bar Kings, Capt. Bob Songin June 14, Buffalo Harbor Walleye, Capt. Doug Stein July 12, Nearshore Summertime Kings, Capt. Chris LoPresti The August Seminsr is still up in the air. These are all Thursday Evenings at 7:00 at the Cornell Cooperative Extension 4H Building on Rte 78 in Lockport. The Seminars are open to the public and free to LOTSA members, $5.00 for non menbers. Tim
  10. I set up 200' and 400' copper setups last year. I put the 200' on an Okuma Catalina 45 LC and that worked out fine. 300 yds of 50 lb power pro backing behind the copper. I put the 400' on an Okuma Titus T20L Lever Drag and though I didn't have a chance to run the 400 much, that seemed to work out good as well, I believe I have almost 400 yds of 50 lb power pro behind the copper on that reel. With all the negative you sometimes hear about Okuma I was a little leery about buying them, but so far so good on both reels. East Coast Tackle has the best price in the Titus reels http://www.eastcoasttackle.com/index.ht ... 71&B=Okuma Tim
  11. That was an original pirate 44 pattern. Tim
  12. that series of pics is a couple of years old, I saw it a while ago. Apparently, the story is that the deer was originally hit by a minivan and was thrown into the air, right into the windshield of the trailblazer. What a mess. Tim
  13. John, you may want to ask at this website, a huge bunch of very knowedgable people there, a much better group that at the thehulltruth website: http://www.boatered.com/forum/default.asp Tim
  14. We're faced with the same situation at the Olcott Pen Project. We have 3 pens now and currently pen rear 50,000 kings and 3500 steelhead, but would like to add one more king pen since we are losing the caledonia fish. My personal belief at Olcott is, though it's hard to believe, up until 2 years ago Olcott NEVER got steelhead plants (I do believe domestic rainbows were stocked there but no washington strain steelhead). That being the case, without an additonal pen for another 25,000 kings, I'd rather see that 3rd existing pen used for the additional 25,000 kings than 3500 steelhead. Tim
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