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  1. Hey, with this crazy high water, how are our babies doing? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. The Salmon School is officially SOLD OUT. Thank you everyone for your continued support. We have sold out every Salmon School for the 10 years we've been hosting them. We couldn't do it without you.
  3. Sorry I've been so absent here guys, I've had lots of personal issues going on. There are only 3 seats left for the Salmon School, should be another good one. Thanks, Tim
  4. Won't work. The Tule strain that we have was specifically selected because it is a short river/estuary spawner that stays out in the ocean/lake as long as possible. Kenai Kings run in May/June because they have a 1000 miles of river to run to reach their spawning gravel. That won't work in the GL where a long trib might be 30-40 miles.
  5. Berkley has a lip gripper without scale for around 25 bucks, works the same as the boga for this application. I got mine at FishUSA.com Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  6. A lot of that is because we're much better fishermen than we were back then. This used to primarily be an only 2nd half of August and September fishery years ago, now it starts in April. However, I was really only commenting on the catch rates this season.
  7. another point to consider is that the previous two seasons where we had long hard winters and unstable weather during the fishing season that kept the fish scattered and hard to find, much less catch, simply means that a lot fewer fish were caught/harvested the last two years, which the creel census data confirms. Perhaps the catch rates are up because there are just more fish available that would have been taken out had the last two years not been so severe. I haven't see any pics of fish that appear to be even remotely malnourished.
  8. That is deeper in the water column. Sent from my 9020A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Fish deeper, mature kings prefer colder water. Sent from my 9020A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. On Thursday July 14th at 7pm the Lake Ontario Trout & Salmon Association (LOTSA) will be hosting a seminar by Charter Captain Paul Czarnecki on Tournament Strategies for August King Salmon. Paul has been successfully chartering on Lake Ontario since 1988 while also competing in many of lakes tournaments. In 2014 he won The King of the Oak championship aboard his ten meter Trojan based out of Point Breeze. Paul will be sharing some of his proven tactics that he has used through the years fishing on Lake Ontario. This is one seminar you don’t want to miss. LOTSA is a group of mainly weekend recreational fishermen who are dedicated to the enhancement of the Lake Ontario Sport-Fishery including the pen rearing project at Olcott. Each meeting also features a sharing of information the current fishing conditions. So come join us and become more successful at fishing Lake Ontario! The meeting will be held at the Cornell Cooperative Extension, 4487 Lake Avenue (Route 78 two miles north of Lockport), Lockport, NY 14094. The Seminar is open to the public and free to attend. See WWW.LOTSA1.ORG for any questions.
  11. That fishery stays fairly stable at Olcott through the 2nd week of August, then dries up as the migrants start heading east.
  12. You couldn't be more wrong. Browns are delicious.
  13. Roland Martining on my boat will get you banned from grabbing a rod, immediately[emoji6].
  14. That's ok, there are at least a half dozen boats with that name on the lake already. And that's just the ones I'm aware of. Probably 2-3X that overall.
  15. I do believe your reasoning is 180 deg out of phase.
  16. That should be plenty of bag. I had 2 28" Amish outfitter beefy bags on my 24' Thompson with 230 hp 5.0L I/O and both of those those deployed would just about drag me to a dead stop at idle.
  17. Hey Mark, Great to see you back, Bud.Hope everything continues to go well for you. Tim
  18. No reason to think it was a fellow fisherman. More likely that it was a junkie just stealing stuff to sell to support their habit.
  19. But that farm raised salmon is highly contaminated dogfood and the process destroys the rivers it takes place in. Look at what the fish farms have done to the BC wild pacific salmon stocks, plus that garbage is dyed to look orange for the supermarket fish counter.
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