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  1. :?: I didn't know whether to post this here or in This Old Boat :?:

    As most of you know we run a 90 hp outboard on our 19' Bluefin. We continually are needing to recharge our batteries each night so we can fish the next day. Sometimes this can cut our days short so we can get a full charge for the next days fishing.

    Have been thinking about an On-Board Marine Battery Charger but don't know how they function. Is it something you plug into shore power or is it supposed to charge while on the water?

    Our problem is that our motor currently does not provide enough output current to charge even the starting battery unless we are at nearly full throttle.

    Will this On-Board Marine Battery Charger help or alleviate this problem?

    Thanks in advance,


  2. I am one who is prone to this illness and know the sad feeling of nothing beats getting back to soild ground when you do become ill. As it was stated not everything works for everyone. I am one that Dramamine doesn't work for bu the Bonine does.

    Also a tip I found works when you do have to "heave to" :$ is do it standing up into a container of some kind and not bending over the side o fthe boat. It helps settle the stomach quicker.


  3. Rick - Here's the referenced post.

    David Chilson

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    Posted: Sun Dec 31, 2006 10:27 pm

    Post subject: Open Communications


    Open communications and the rules have been standardized for all tournaments. A 12 fish limit for the Pro division with no more than 2 lake trout. In the Am division, there is a 7 fish limit with the requirement of one lake trout. Also 2 person teams are now eligble. (Observer must have a fishing license to run 6 rods) Additionally in the am division only, unijured fish may be released at boatside.

    The complete rules should be available in the near future on the Pro-Am web site or as soon as they make them available I can put them in a pdf file to forward.

  4. I'm not saying that the Okuma isn't a good reel. My point was just that Daiwa tends to dominate the market here, on Lake Ontario hence the fact that Okumas aren't used as much. Okumas tend to dominate the market on Michigan. I'm not trying to plug Daiwa, just stating what I've seen around here.

    Merry Christmas guys - just bustin chops.

    ( If you read the Stinger post )


  5. Landing Craft,

    We run the iFinder H2O also. Am curious on how you interfaced with your DCS VHF. We run the ICOM 402 DSC VHF and it has similar capabilities.

    Is it a stock cable you can purchase or something you have made?



  6. I recently asked about the purchase of a combo unit (FF/GPS all in one package) and got some great replies and advice.

    Have decided to go the separate FF and GPS route due to losing both if something goes wrong with the combo unit (we do have a handheld backup GPS too).

    I recently corresponded with Spoonfed (Mass.) and he got me thinking about the thru hull as he said he can mark fish and not lose bottom with his thru hull up to 30 mph with his Furuno. Great option I thought but he has a fiberglass hull.


    With the upcoming purchase of this new color FF I have been wondering if I could use a thru hull xducer or if I am limited to a transom mount because I have an aluminum hull?

    See you at the Bar in May!!! :D:D:D

    Thanks in advance.


  7. I know this symptom occurs when you have something wrapped around the prop/shaft on an outboard. :$:$:$

    I wrapped rigger cable around it on a rough day on Ontario and she would fire up while in neutral and die immediately when put in gear. Thank God for kicker motors as we fot back from the Fairhaven area to the Oswego Harbor without incident. Weighed three browns for the spring derby while we were unwrapping the rigger cable too. :D:D


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