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  1. We need to connect our backing to a new 400' section of Atomik copper since losing all 400' last fall on a huge fish.

    Never had this happen before - especially on a new reel spooled and bought from Atomik and we had run this 400' rod less than 6 times. The copper broke right at the knot where it attached to the backing. I will attach a photo if I still can find the piece of backing I cut off to have it evaluated by more knowledgeable people than us.

    From reading the numerous posts and viewing videos from Fish Doctor I see a Spro swivel, Palomar knot on the power pro backing end and a haywire twist are used.

    My question is will it make a difference if we put heat shrink tubing over the 2 knots and the swivel or should it be left uncovered (swivel action and all being the determining factor?

    Thanks in advance,


  2. The saga begins.....

    First year of the $1k/day derby everything went fine - $1K/day for the largest salmon as we all know. Second year (the bankruptcy year) was an expanded version $1k/day for the largest salmon, also paid $1500/week for the largest trout. IMHO this is where he went wrong. We - team waterlogged - were one of those who "won" the daily prize but were never paid. Smitty, Kevin and I boated the winning fish and Smitty even got a call telling him he was the winner (many other details to the story as well) and he should receive his check in the mail the following week. In the next few days the bankruptcy notice was posted on the web site but good old smitty's name was still there as the winner...and never any check. There were guys from this board who paid entry fees after he stopped payouts!! Dave Henderson was the guys name -- from Canada. Hope this new endeavor is more true to their word if it comes off.

    BTW - I can PM the details of our "win" if you like as it was an unbelievable story. In a nutshell - the grand prize $20k fish for the fall derby that year was disqualified plus the $1k/day fish which made us the winner of the $1k for that day in August.


    Gee - maybe Dave Henderson will get a conscience and pay those that won and never received their $$$ - NOT!!!!!

  3. Only major point about the Scotty riggers is the footprint on your boat. We run Cannon but would love to go to Scotty downriggers....but with the limited room at the back of the 19 ftr and the limited area the footprint is to large.


  4. Paul,

    Huge congratulations. Sure doesn't look like a newborn in the photos.

    Like the old joke goes.....

    He must get his good looks from his mother....because I still have mine!!! :o

    Befroe you know it you'll wonder where the years went!!!


  5. Guys and Gals,

    Don't miss this one!!!! 8)

    Jan is meticulous and this boat shows it. Well maintained and runs great.

    Have fished on Jan's boat too in the Pro Am's with Rusty Rat and other times. It is a fish catching machine. A real steal at that 13K price.


  6. Rick,

    Not that this is really applicable to the fishing thing.....but I had a pants belt that was left in the cabin of Rod's boat for a couple weeks and the heat (elevated temperatures)of the enclosed cabin let the adhesive holding basicly the leather laminations together let loose at the poiint where the bletl was folded in the belt loops.


  7. Trolling Keuka,

    That is correct for all licenses with the exception of lifetime licenses. All liftime license fees are still available at 2009 prices until 09/30/2009. See copied text of Important Notes below from DEC website and link:

    Important Notes:

    All Lifetime Licenses and 2008-09 sporting licenses will remain available for the previous fees and with the previous age requirements through September 30, 2009.


    then go to permits and licenses

    then sporting licenses

    then see sporting license fees

    you're there

  8. Andy,

    For once I have to agree witih Ray.

    We use the black spray on plasti-dip. We suspend the weights from a saw horse with a metal coat hanger or other wire and give them several light coats for premium coating. Just remember this is rubberized and any little nick in them will cause extra bubbles/agitation in the water some thinking that will repel fish.


  9. Glen,

    Very glad to hear everything worked out and there was no disaster. Things can go very wrong when people in general don't stay calm and think things through before taking severe actions. I am happy everything worked out and you had a very respectable finish in the Pro Am. I really enjoyed your comment about the 9:30 sinking time. It shows what a great sense of humor you have and cna breathe easy having survived a perilous situation.

    I have to agree with you on the skill and professionalism of the Coastguard men and women. When we needed assistance on Luck Enuff a few years back in the Oswego Pro Am they were totally remarkable. We (people in general) don't give them enough credit or respect for what they do. all most can do is think why are they hassling me when they get stopped for a safety check. I for one am glad and respectful that they are looking out for my (our) safety.

    Glad you, your crew and craft are no worse for the experience.


  10. Chowder,

    Which Scotty releases are you using?

    The Power Grip Plus Release is large and easy to handle with its streamlines shape. Includes a tension adjuster to double the holding power. Line release can be attached to the weight or the cable allowing line stacking.

    The Mini-Power Grip Plus Release is a compact version of the Power Grip. Great for walleye, trout, kokanee and Spanish mackerel.


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