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  1. This was a difficult thread to read. Being a newer operator on Lake O I’ll say this opened my eyes and I immediately rearranged my boat to make life saving devices more reachable in the tragic event things turn bad. I’ve always been conservative with the weather though since my boat is smaller. Even though there’s money involved in tournaments, competitive fishing is not worth lives. There’s always tomorrow or next year or whatever. RIP Mr. Hazel, and though I didn’t know him, I do hope that Mr. Kelley finds the ability to fish again when he’s ready if he chooses. 
    Be safe out there.

    Offshore IV, I’m glad that you were able to take something from this and protect yourself and your crew. When I was doing safety boardings it frustrated me when asked about life jackets to life rafts, the owner or captain would say they didn’t have room to have them reachable above deck. Complacency kills and we all think it won’t happen to us. Even though I’m a retired coastie, long time boat handler, and captain, I used to bust a friend’s balls (very inexperienced boater and has a smaller boat) because he would always wear an inflatable vest. After this tragedy, I apologised to him. Although, I’m a retired coastie, over 30 years boating experience and been on hundreds of search and rescue missions, I too learned a couple of things.

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  2. Here is the link for a go fund me page to help the family of the deceased, Carl Hazel. if you would like to donate to the family. Because, it had been shared on social media and wouldn’t take much to guess, the operator was John Kelley. I’ve talked to him several times since this tragedy. When I get his permission, I’ll post the details of the accident so we all can learn. For those of you who hold judgement based on previous conversations or experiences, you can be assured this was not the case on Saturday. Again, once I get his permission, I’ll pass along the details. At the end of the day, 2 families will never be the same and changed forever, in a blink of an eye. If you can find a few extra dollars to donate to Carl’s family please do.


    Thank you,

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  3. No. Stupidity and arrogance killed someone

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    Paul, you’re assessment is completely wrong regarding this tragedy. The survivor is a good friend of mine. I believe you know who he is and he is a LOU member. He is beyond devastated. I have spoken with him about this accident and based on what he told me, this was nothing about stupidity or arrogance. The boat sank instantly. I have been on more rescues and investigations of these incidents then I want to remember throughout my coast guard career. What happened out there was an accident and he did everything he possibly could do for their survival.

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  4. Hey fellas got a question and anyone with some knowledge on this subject that can help me i would much appreciate it.  I am from the scranton pa area and have taken a few trips this year to Lake Ontario and have done rather well hokking up with browns and kings.  I run a 1988 bayliner trophy 2460 but these trips are getting expense and i was thinking of doin part time charters on the weekend. What all do i need to legally become a charter? I just got a quote from an insurance company with $1,000,000 liability and now looking into my uscg captains license.  The courses ive seen online cost $595 for the course.  Is this all i need is the insurance on boat and license? Also can you guys recommend a website that i can take the course online.    Thank you.  Mike

    There is a lot to be a charter captain other than insurance and license. Such as must be part of a drug testing program, 1st aid and cpr, commercial equipment such as type 1 life jackets, physical, homeland security background check, and a few other things I may have forgotten.

    Most of us have gotten our training and testing done through sea tech marine. Dennis is out of buffalo ny (I believe) and is by far one of the best. I can’t speak about an online coarse however I will tell you that passing the nav rules part of the exam is just about impossible without having it taught to you.

    I too am a part time weekend captain as I have a full time job, part time job, and kids in travel sports all year. I can tell you that once you add in all of your cost (lodging, car fuel, and meals), you will end up pricing yourself above most full time captains. To make enough to pay the dockage and days fuel you would need to book trips all weekend. Not trying to be a downer, but there is a lot to it.

    Just my 2 cents

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  5. Looking for an out drive. I believe has 1:47 gears (I’ll verify). Hoping to find a complete unit as the lower section has had a crack welded several years ago. Although there is nothing wrong with it, just might as well replace both.


    Heading in under full power when she let go. The drive shaft spins freely even in gear so, thinking the upper gears a shot. I’ll tear it apart hopefully tonight or tomorrow.


    Send me a message and I’ll get back with you.


    Thank you and tight lines



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  6. We were only targeting silvers. The laker took a stickbait off the planer in 19fow. The others came on sticks as well but 8-10fow. Our temps were the same as you. Weather was gin clear out to 30fow.

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  7. I make fish tacos with them and have turned many people on to them who normally don't like fish. Like others have said, taking care of the fish from the net to the pan is the key to better quality. When I land a fish I cut through the tendon (holds lower jaw) between the gills and put them head down in a bucket of water to bleed out for about 5 minutes (get rod back down and stuff put away). Then put it on ice. Once filet cut into bite size chunks.
    Use egg or beer (I normally have more beer then eggs on the boat lol) as a wash.
    Coat in panko crumbs (season with whatever, such as garlic, old bay, slap your momma seasoning.
    Fry to golden brown.
    Take a soft taco shell, fish chunks, shredded cabbage (better crunch and won't get soggy), salsa, and tarter sauce.
    Trust me you and your family will love it. In fact my 85yr old father who never try's anything different loves them.

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  8. I launched out of the fort on Saturday without too much of an issue. Only about 8-12 inches above water but do able. Wilson state park ramps were closed and olcott are floating so no issue there

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  9. Lakers are there all the time and really thick now. Kings will start coming through as the water warms up and the smelt start running. Most years they start showing up at the end of April.

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  10. With the number of people out of money from orders not being received and if he still taking online orders/money, I'm surprised you haven't contacted the police. The town he lives in doesn't have a police department, you would need to contact chemung county sheriffs or nys troopers. I am sure if he has taken in all the money without providing the products, he probably hasn't paid the sales taxes either. We all know uncle Andy won't stand for that. Recently in this area they have hauled a few people to jail for not providing services and not paying sales taxes.

    Just a thought and hope you all get your products or money back.

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