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  1. Hank, thanks I'll get the serial Number off the motor and send it to you. Not sure of the make of the Alt I will check to see. I had that rebuilt also, but it only puts out 10 volts and when I got it back I noticed on of the braces behind the pulley was broke so Im figuring to buy a newer one rather than having that one rebuilt again. I had spoke to Chris Craft and they couldn't tell me what motor was in it. They said that they sold that boat with 3 different motors 221, 260, 289 all I can find on the motor is ford interceptor 140 hp.

    Wondering if you have seen this before? On the chris craft it jumps out of gear, it has done this since I bought it last year. There is no set time when it kicks out. I have had it over 45mph when it kicks out, sometimes I can't get over 12mph, and while trolling it would kick out all the time. I torn the outdrive all apart and inspected all the gears, Power shaft, shifting gears, prop shaft, shifting linkage, all are in brand new shape not a mark on them. I have tried to adjust the linkage and have it set where it goes forward and reverse. the only thing that I can think of that is left, is the teeth from the engine and the power shaft may be stripped. I don't know I haven't really wanted to pull the motor. When it kicks out, you hear a clicking noise that sounds like when you put in into gear slowly, all i have to do is lower the throttle to almost neutral and it kicks back into gear. If you have any suggestions please le me know.

  2. Can anyone reccommend where I can get a starter for a 1975 johnson 50hp outboard. I had this starter rebuilt and it only lasted 5 starts until the brushes broke and melted the solder off the connections. I went to every marina in Oak orchard no one had one. The places around where I live are quoting me $200. I also need a Alt for a 1965 Chris Craft with a Ford interceptor. I am guessing that the motor is either a 260 or 289 ford. I found one place here, they told me to bring it in, they would send it out and have one made for $400. Thanks in advance for any and all advice.

  3. I had the same problem with my fathers 1985 Thompson I/O. It would run fine in neutral and die out when placed in gear, but only when the engine got to normal operating temp. I found that he had an old style oil filled coil that once the engine got warm that it would short out and stall. Put the gear in neutral it would restart, put in gear and it would stall again. Just a thought of something to check or test, Im not a marine mechanic, but have played with a few boats.

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