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  1. Thanks for the info. I am a LO guy however I have fished Seneca and Cayuga most of my life growing up. I am only 45 minutes from keuka but never fished it for some reason.

    I have always wanted to try jigging out there but haven't had the chance too yet as my boat is docked up at oak orchard. This trip is mainly to make sure his boat is running good (he had issues his first trip out). So we will mainly burn some fuel and then wet a line to slime the deck.

    I appreciate the tips and will give a go. I'll let you know how we make out. If you ever need info on conditions out of oak orchard just let me know and I'll return the favor lol.

  2. Heading up to Keuka on Monday to ensure my nephew's boat is all set for the season. We will probably wet a line. I have never fished there and will probably launch out of hammonsport. If someone could point is in a good starting spot, that would be much appreciated.



  3. I just found my dad's #44 die and former. Have to make a new hole punch jig but that's the easy one. I also found about 1000 copper, brass, and stainless blanks. I don't know where to get anything plated so I'll just play with and airbrush for now. I think it'll be fun to catch fish on your own stuff.

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  4. I am not sure how well field and streams business model will work regarding staying around for long. From my understanding their belief is if you build it they will come. These stores are considered as destination stores and their will be very little stuff going on sale. That way the dicks store can maintain lodge sales by having sales.

    More money than brains philosophy there

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  5. I was just letting people know they were opening earlier than what was being announced. I know here in the southern tier 22 ammo is rare. As far as supporting mom and pop over the evil big stores, I myself get 90% of my stuff from one. However these box stores do provide jobs. Albiet minimum wage but a job none the less. While I am working at one of these evil big box stores, I am always telling customers to go to Hills, Valleys, and Streams, Mikes Guns and Ammo, or Barretts Archery for the stuff the store doesn't cover.

  6. Just an FYI, the new Field and Stream store will be doing a soft opening starting 10/8/14. The commercials say 10/10/14 however there is a sign hanging saying 10/8/14. I heard rumors of it being 10/5/14 but not thinking so. I know they will have a lot of 22 ammo. However it will not be there long due to the hoarders.


    The other store openings had someone from Duck Dynasty at the grand openings on hand for autographs and photos. However there is no rumor from the company of anyone coming..  



  7. Species

    Preferred Temperature (F)

    Optimum Temperature (F)

    Atlantic Salmon

    55 - 65


    Brown Trout

    54 - 63


    Rainbow Trout/Steelhead

    55 - 65


    Lake Trout

    42 - 52


    Coho Salmon

    52 - 58


    Chinook Salmon

    52 - 58


  8. Ray,

    Do you think a 2013 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 could haul this boat safely? It's rated to 5500 lbs.

    There is no way a Tacoma will tow this. I have a 25' offshore fisherman and able to tow with a F150.

    This is the perfect boat for the big pond. Handles great in rough seas and fast if you need speed too.

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  9. That's a pretty good price. At the show here in rochester, this spring, multiple tables had bricks for $65-&75. #highwayrobbery.

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    They charge that because people are willing to buy it. I noticed on Facebook (yes illegal) bricks selling for $150. I heard from customers selling 50 counts wrapped in sandwich bag for $20 at gun ranges.

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  10. Dicks will have 22 ammo today. My store in horseheads has 450 boxes of the Remington 525 count And 30 cases of 1400 count bucket o bullets. These will last less than 1/2 hour. This is a promotional thing so I'm sure all stores should have them.

    I was not able to give advance notice because it was supposed to be mailed to score card members but I never got notice.

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