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  1. At this time I am not able to send anymore coupons out. Unfortunately My 82 yr old. Father is now in hospital with pneumonia.

    Sorry for that and hope the rest of you save some money.

    If you still want one ask here someone else maybe able to send to you

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  2. I just sent the email with the coupon. I sent it as an attachment and copy and paste inside the email. Hopefully you will be able to print it out. For some odd reason over 13 emails sent to my work email and only one made it....


    If you did not receive it or still would like a copy please let me know. I do have a copy of it on my personal email so I will be able to send it from home.


    I do not have a golf galaxy here at work however I do at home. please let me know if you need one of these. (this coupon is needed for a golf galaxy store not located inside Dick's golf section)

  3. No problem, add you guys as well as the others who PM'd me. I believe there are 2-3 others who sent me a text after 4pm on tuesday. Due to phone breaking this morning unfortunately I will not be able to get to them. 


    Just an FYI, I will only be able to send the coupon until friday 4/25/14 at 4 pm. So make sure you send me you email before that.

  4.  Ok change of plans. Please don’t text me your email address. I dropped my phone and it no longer works. I won't be able to get a new phone until Thursday.... I do have most of your email addresses however I believe I am missing 2-3 of them. So if you sent me a text message after 4pm on Tuesday there is a good chance I don't have your address anymore. Please send me a PM here and I will add them at the end of the day. I am working tonight and I will be forwarding the coupons tomorrow (Thursday).




    If you do not have an email from me by 11am. Please PM me as I am not sure I will have my new phone or not by then (I am within a week of getting the upgrade but who knows if Verizon will allow me to get my upgrade early).




    Sorry for the inconveniences

  5. Just to let you know, for some reason the email that was sent with the coupon attached did not make it to my work email. Im currently trying to have a manager send me another email. Im adding your emails as I get them so as soon as I get it I will send it out. Not to worry the sale isn't until sat and sun... I also have a golf galaxy coupon for the employee discount there. I know dont have one here. However we all know golf is for people who can't fish. Lol

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  6. I work part time at dick's and this weekend they are having friends and family. You will get the employee discount of 25% off (regular price) most everything. No discount on guns and ammo and 10% off electronics and golf clubs. If you want a coupon send a text to me at 607-259-0525 with your email address. I will then email (from my work email) you a Scanned copy of the coupon. (Yes it is ok to make more than one copy and give to your friends and family. The only catch is please dont post the actual coupon online....


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  7. I had a guy weld my lower unit and still holding strong. Definitely need someone who knows how to weld aluminum. The guy who did mine welds aluminum race engine heads. He only charge me 2 hours labor.

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  8. I agree with you mike regarding the big box stores and not carrying stuff for lake fishing. I have spoke to the buyer's for 3 years about carrying trolling and fly rods however I was only able to get them to get rigged and dipsy rods...

    Gander mountain tried to get out of their lease in Binghamton because it has been completely underwater twice with only their sign showing... dont blame them for not wanting to reopen.

    Regarding the overheads field and stream store, I heard last night the old walmart will be torn down starting this week. They changed their opening date from april to September.

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