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  1. Dick's has their own set of business rules. Don't know if it's still true but they also wouldn't sell 9mm ammo unless you could show one on your pistol permit (I can) - AFTER it started being used as a rifle/carbine round. They can have their own restrictions as long as they don't violate local, state or federal regs.

    This is correct and still Dick's policy, to buy pistol ammo you must have a permit. However if you have a long gun that shoots the 9mm or 45-70, or 45-410 we will sell that ammo if you tell us that's what it's for. If you say it's for a pistol you will be required to show it.

    It's a policy in attempt to prevent illegal gun owners buying the ammo.

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  2. Gun laws are only to keep the honest people honest. Unfortunately we live in a society of crazy people. You're about lawyers and law suits and comes from the society that will sue big company's because they have a bigger pockets than the nut job who was doing the shooting. Furthermore there are just as crazy nuts we believe there should be no limits on firearms and should be able to own tanks, apache helicopters, or bombs because its their 2nd ammedment right.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm a firm believer in gun rights and know not one person was killed without a nut job pulling the trigger.

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  3. Dick's did pull their ARs and any thing that looked like an AR (ie: air soft and BB guns). I work in the lodge so I know a little of the policy's regarding gun sales and back ground checks. Their decision to pull ARs was a business decision in the sense they are not a "gun store" but a family sporting goods store.

    They do in fact have tougher polices thanks state federal and local laws when it comes to gun sales. It would shock you to see the number of convicted felons who try to purchase firearms, when we deny the sale they try to get someone else. I had a pastor come in and try to buy a shotgun for a convicted murder who did 20 years in prison. Countless people come in drunk or smelling of weed. The ATF laws a so strick when it comes to FFL licensing. A wrong date on the application is considered a missing firearm.

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  4. I had a lot of stuff stolen by welfare kids and gave the police a complete inventory of what was missing. They knew the 6 kids who we involved but the city refused to prosecute even though the "used" value was over $5000. Parents we all crack head welfare. Had one father who wanted his son to work for the value, in which he suggested cleaning the garage. I declined and said his son should not have to pay for all 6 of them and I had turned it over to police. Didn't want to say why would I give him the inside lookin the garage. The following week all 6 of the strum again and broke into a garage. And once again the DA refused to take the case.

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  5. Anyone know where the area office is located for the DEC fish survey that is in the oak orchard office. I need to speak to someone about one of their duche bags they have taking surveys.

    I was waiting for a launch to open while these 2 numb nuts sat in the middle of the launch to take care of there boat. My client (i did not ask them to speak to them) went up and asked them to move and the one guy's response was when we're are done. After about 5 minutes I said to them come on could you move. Same douche bag waves and says (in his feminine voice) hi whle waving. My blood boiling but decided not to push it. Then another 3-4 minutes later super bag waives and in his girl voice say bye.

    I then got out of my truck and confronted this a$$ but he would get out of his truck. I told them to give me his name and their office number. At fish he did not want too but then he did. I don't trust it as he put a 315 area code.

    Anyone got a number or a person that I can contact about this because he was very closed to being knocked out in the parking lot.

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  6. Spring 2011 loc was the best but most expensive. Best was taking 1st with a 17.4 steelie.

    Countless lures due too rookies not snapping swivels, in net break off, or smiply not hooking them on before tossing out. Took a while to convince them chumming spoons doesn't work.

    Cannon mag 10 housing broke in half and only thing left was the base and reel.

    And if this wasn't a bad enough day, the first fish I clean and tossed the carcass over, so went my wedding ring. Yeah I am only lucky my church going brother was with me to verify I wasn't at the bars lol.

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  7. Carl thanks for the tip Friday night about the temps. we ended the day 10-18 with mostly matures. It wasn't until we were already out there that I discovered that I forgot that my Carbon 14 was stolen by a king on a previous trip and forgot to get more before this trip :devil:. Oh well, I found a black an glow 6in fly around 11am and put it back. Yes this is the one while talking to you was screaming and broke off and you started laughing :lol: Oh well tied up another one and took a couple more from it.

    Again thanks for the Temp tip...

    Captain Tim Green

  8. When I was in the coast gaurd in the 90s if no immediate danger and of commercial tow was available they would pass it off. If no commercial tow available they will do it or ask via channel 16 to assist if the disabled boat is a great distance. If no one reaponds they will either come themselves or call the local sherriff.

    Again this was back in the early 90s. Like stated above get a local marina number just in case you need it.

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  9. Magic77, a jumper box didn't work to keep the boat running. After I got the belt changed I used a jumper box and start it but would not stay running. After talking with Doug at lake breeze he said because the battery was so drained there was not enough power to the alternator to keep the plugs firing. Bought a new battery and ran just fine. I now have spare belts and a fully charge battery in the cabin.

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  10. I will publicly apologize for getting wrong JOHN. Yep fell like a bigger a$$ bag when I didn't get your name right...You would think after the guy saves your life you would at least get his name right.

    Like posted above you are a class act and I am very glad we met and keep in contact. Can wait to get back out there.

    Ps. I have apologized by phone all ready too.

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  11. It definitely was and it's great to have friends out there with ya. In fact the other captain called me just as the worst part hit to make i was safe. If I was still floating out there I know in a second he would have been there to assist as I would do the same for anyone else.

    I spent 8 years in the coast guard and know crap happens quick on the lake and the dangers that come along with it. But never would have thought a new belt with 70 hours on it would break as a major storm is fastly approaching and being that far away form the dock.

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  12. Well, the title says it all. The perfect recipe for disaster.

    Fishing out of the Oak in saturday about 5-6 miles west of port in 160 fow, tied up with a triple and two of the were matures. Way west was the massive storm approaching. I told the crew once these fish were landed we're heading in until it passes. We landed the steelhead while battling the matures not want to come it. Got the first one to the boat and the motor started to chug like it was out of fuel and stalled. Quickly netting the first king and went to start the motor. No power, both batteries were dead and no way to bring the down riggers up or call for help via radio. I called another captain to see if he was close but he was 12 miles away, strapped to a mature, and backing down while taking waves over the stern just to avoid the storm.

    I look off my stern and noticed Robert. Mind you I met Robert Friday afternoon at captains cove and we talked about fishing for about an hour or so. He asked for my number and if minded if he called of he needed help finding fish. I gave my number and said anytime. So I gave him a call and asked for a tow. Without a second thought he pulled his rods and was along side in less than 2 minutes.

    We connected the jumper cables and pulled the riggers. He towed me in using his 21 ft wide open boat. It started to rain and thunder and lightening. About 1/2 from port the front made to us. Absolute down pour, heavy thunder And lighting and winds well over 40 mph. We made it back to the dock safe and sound. I felt so bad for Robert as he was in the wide open during the storm with only a hoody to prockect himself. I offered him money, dinner or any thing in which he refused all my offers and said was happy that he could help.

    I pulled the engine cover and there was a broken alternator belt. I changed my belts in the beginning of the year however I must of gotten a bad one. Put on a new belt and new battery and was able to return to fishing in a short couple of hours.

    Needless to say I am very thankful to Robert and be rest assured he will be having a surprise lure package in his room the next time he stays at the captain cove motel. Can't say thank you enough.

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  13. If you want a crash coarse you should check out share a ride or take a charter in the port you plan to fish. Do research on the fishing forum everyone lets you know what they are using, depth of water, and location of their dipsy, downriggers, copper ect. See what others are doing and give it a try. Nothing beats a big screaming king

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