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  1. Bob, I'm trying to work around a soy allergy. Would additional salt offset the effect of removing the soy sauce? Any other suggestions would be appreciated. 



    Hi Matt, I don't like to overdo the salt thing too much so I'd try substituting paprika for a replacement.  Just a thought to give it a little more flavor.  I'd like to hear your thoughts when  ya try it. ;)


    PS: Probably 1 tbsp to replace the half cup or if you use smokey paprika I'd go with 1 tsp.


    Anyone else have any thoughts on this?



  2. This works for me:


    Adirondack Dill Pickles or Veggies

    From My Adirondack Way of Cooking by Muskybob



    To 1 gal. glass jar, add:

             14 small cukes, quartered

             2 tsp. Pickling spice

             2 smashed cloves of garlic

             1 tsp. Ground red pepper or to taste


    To a medium sauce pan add:

             2 qts. water

             2 cups white vinegar

             ¼ cup sugar

             1/3 cup canning or kosher salt


    Bring to boil then add to the gal. Jar

    Top off with vinegar to within ¼ in. from the top if needed


    Seal with cap & allow to cool

    Note: I cover with saran wrap before adding cap for a better seal.


    Place in refrigerator for at least 2 weeks


    Share with family & friends




    PS: I’ve used the same recipe using 2 bunches of broccoli, 1 med. White onion, 1 small head of cauliflower and layer accordingly in place of the cukes.

    MMMM, delicious!!!


    Note: Jar & lid should be sterilized before beginning

  3. My Cuz, Richard Bullen http://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/user/141741-richard-bullen/ has sold his boat & moved back to N. Carolina and I offered to help sell his gear. Price + shipping unless we can arrange to meet.  The items will be shipped when your Postal M.O. clears. Contact me via PM with your name and address, Thanks


    2 Shimano Rods 7' Medium with Cabela's Depth Master Reels = $120. for both. Nice rigger rods.


    9 Assorted Dodgers, some flies = $65.


    5 J Plugs plus storage box = $25. SOLD


    1 Okuma Classic Pro 10' with Okuma Magda Pro 30DX spooled with Fireline = $65.


    1 Okuma Magda Pro 30DX spooled with Fireline = $40.







  4. Thanks a lot guys.

    Glenn, You know how it is being confined to a small area with Cuz onboard.  I think my ears were bleeding. :)  All in all it was great to be out there.  Just gotta get my sealegs a little more steady.  I was bouncin around like a drunken sailor.  & No, I wasn't drinkin (at the time). :P  Richard was good captain and kept us on the fish pretty good.  We got some dinks I didn't include in the total, but were released with no harm done to them. I'm really lookin forward to the kings comin back in numbers soon. I'll be out there, & maybe even a derby or two.

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