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  1. You comming to Candor?

  2. I dont really want to drive that far. We do go to Syracuse quite often.

    1. finsntins


      call me,i can probably pick it up.

    2. Fishstix


      I have appt. this afternoon. I dont believe I have your number.

    3. Fishstix


      The owner is going to Potsdam tomorrow . His daughter plays volleyball for the College.  I will give him your number . I have not looked at map but he may be able to go thru Old Forge.....

  3. Check out the Cayuga lake report 6/14.  Why those guys keep those little fish....

    1. stinger


      I guess those guys are at a different place than we are. So far this year three salmon came home with me. My wife won't eat fish so me and my dog have a go at it once in awhile. My buddy that goes a few times a year likes lake trout so we'll box a few for him when he goes.

  4. If you get just some blue flies let me know. I have a ton of green.

  5. I had the same problem you are having trying to sell my sons Honda accord.Beautiful low mileage car and he was going to Japan for three years.

     What I found out with the high prices of today's vehicles banks are reluctant to loan people money for a used vehicle from a Individual.

      I think its a great price for your Honda. I am not in the market for a car right now . You were curious why no responses, this may be your problem. 

     Good luck with the sale.


  6. You are right .I have been getting rid of stuff. I set up a account on Ebay and paypal it was kind of a pain and they are still holding the money for everything Ive sold. 21 days they dont tell you about. That being said If we could get together I could put that on ebay for you. 

     Just as a arima friend

    Check out Furuno FCV 667 Ive got two on Ebay .Getting some interest.


  7. Sk8aroo  I have a lot  of old NK 28s i will be putting up for sale.

    If there is a certain color or nickname you want I will see if I

    have it.these are brand new still in package.Even got some NK


  8. What chip is in the plotter ?   



    1. Custom Deluxe

      Custom Deluxe

      im not 100 percent sure but i can look tonight when i get home.

  9. Stan Winnick

    24 Bank St

    Candor NY


    607 659 5912


    OK I will get it sent out first of week.

    1. nysrx01


      I will send check a ASP.  Thanks Dave have a good weekend.

  10. Sorry slow getting back to you.Fished between Meyers and the coal plant.Had a fairly steady pick but a south troll was better than a north troll . Went up east shore. orange and gold were our best colors . That bow in the picture came on a hot spot paddle with a spin n glow.

  11. . I will consider it, but I would really like a larger screen. I looked up the 582l and they are supposed to be a great fishfinder. Has yours had the screen replaced?Price?

    1. Hillbillyx-press


      Screen not replaced. Works well. Comes with bracket. Manual. Power cord . Cover . No transducer.  450.00 shipped 

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