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  1. These riggers came used on the first fishing boat I bought . Back in the 80's. I ran them for years then a couple boats later I bought a boat with new captains packs..No way near the quality or speed of my old ES 1000,s..Wore the captains packs out in a few years . Now I am back to my old ES 1000s. That I have been running them again probably the last 10 yrs or so.    I was hoping someone out there would have a brass drive gear like in the picture below. Part number on gear is G1043..    I have contacted Big Jon waiting for call back. I currently have 6 of these old style riggers . I fish a lot ,never smoked one of these motors. Only have changed these gears out and switches over the years . 


    As soon as I get to it I have a lot of captain pack parts to sell or trade for ?

    Rigger 1.jpg

    Rigger 2.jpg

  2. I put these up for a friend. frozen bulk, They are a  50 lb box.Two boxes for a totol of 100lbs. He says most are 8 inches some a little longer some a little shorter.He got them mid to late August of this year. He is going out of town for a couple days I just text him I will try and have him take some Pixs.


    The response, PMs  etc. Is really surprising .   There is a couple guys who PM ed me within the first hour I put them up. I will let you know if they are sold or not.

  3. $200  total Not willing to ship. Located in Tioga Co. NY 13743. We will discuss meeting pt. May possibly deliver for price....

    Selling for a friend so any questions  I will forward.  Thanks

  4. Hit the S end of Cayuga Friday afternoon for a couple hours.  Lots of debris ,seaweed,trash, logs. and trees floating. Water is high and and yellowish green looking. I was surprised at the pleasure boaters going wide open..

    Marked quite a bit of bait and fish at various depths. This one came 50 down on a Pirate watermelon spoon. He is still out there swimming around.  Pulled the down rigger balls up from 100 down and they were warm....


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  5. The wires on my remote cable  control broke loose and there was enough insulation color left to identify the correct terminals to solder the wires back on.

    The problem I am having is it locks in correctly in my driveway but on the water it will not lock in..{boat moving} I have the manual it says you should not have to

    reset the calibration after the initial calibration. Anyone have suggestions on what the problem may be?  Do I try and re calibrate it?

  6.  A 7/ 23 report out of Hughes.. Fished 7am to 7 pm.  Quite a few marks 140 to 200 range. Quite a bit of bait in the area towards the end of the day.

    Had 3 hits on meat. Had a salmon on cowbells for awhile.  Final score  Fish 4   fisherman 0.     Long day. If anyone caught anything I did not hear it on the radio.

  7. This was the water color of Cayuga last weekend. We caught fish but they were not in the areas we normally fish.

    Fleas were manageable . Made up a Skateman line cleaner. It worked OK. But learned another flea trick...  When you reel your line in keep the rod tip in the water sometimes the water would wash them completely off rather than plugging up the rod tip.


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