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  1. Sheldrake North to just past the Thirsty Owl Vineyard.  Green dot spin Drs with Green and white flies 290 on the divers and 105 down on the rigger.  100 to 200 FOW, 2.5 on the down speed.   10 color core takes the occasional salmon or bow.  The occasional bounce the balls and divers in the mud produces strikes.  

  2. The jumbo perch will move into the shallower water to spawn starting about now.  Only lasts for about 2 weeks and I mid lake off my dock. Then the little ones move in for the summer and the big ones move back out. They don't all go north.  Can catch them all summer 20 to 30 fow.  

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  3. The bait is not in yet.  Shallow fishing will be slower until they show up.  Its any day now though according to my logs.  They are a week late so far.  My advise is to pound the shallows for 1 hour.  If its not happening, its not going to.  Move out and fish deeper and point structure.  

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  4. Just now, GAMBLER said:

    With gobies invading some of the Fingerlakes, you will start to see the more aggressive lakers on the bottom.  Gobies are easy meals and they have to cover less water to find them.  Those suspenders will spend less time searching for alewife and key in on gobies.  

    I have not found that to be the case.  Max depth for the goby is less than 60 ft.  On Cayuga I am fishing 225 to 300 fow or more.  We’ve had gobies for over 10 years now.  We are talking about Cayuga and Seneca here not LO.  The guys jigging do well in 60 to 80 with goby patterns.  The fish Im fileting do not have any gobys.  However the browns are full of them and I don’t get many except in the spring.  Its nearly impossible to troll for them now unless you have a good mate or hummingbird/ digitroll system that can adjust your riggers in seconds.  They are in 45 to 60 fow and on Cayuga thats an impossible depth to fish trolling.  Most guys targeting browns are fishing bait, anchored or drifting.  The bottom on Cayuga changes to fast.  You can be working 60 fow and hit 15 fow in a second or 100 fow.  

  5. 3 hours ago, Silver Fox said:

    If I have to target suspended Lakers, I'm going in.....


    When you are running a charter business on Cayuga, you target suspended lakers.  The silvers are just above them.  So the routine is to run 2 riggers on the break and add cores to it.  Run the divers and the center rigger on the suspended lakers.  Rods fire all day.  

    I'm not fishing suspended lakers on LO either.  LOL

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