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  1. we took a trip off of Barcelona on Sunday in my brother's starcraft Islander and had a great time in 80-90 FOW west of the harbor. The best action seemed to be 45-60 feet down.

    We mostly used worm harnesses off of lead core, riggers and dipsys.

    We ended up with a cooler of 'eyes and a bonus steelhead caught off a watermelon NK about 40 feet down.

    Must have had 30+ fish (' eyes, perch, and bass) on over the course of a few hours in the morning, landing over 20 of them.

  2. For sale: Two used rods and reels, they spent more time catching dust in my garage than they did in the boat. Almost brand new, reels have a few scuff marks. One year old, bought for flatline shallow water trolling for spring browns, probably used two or three times.

    Rods: Shakespeare Ugly Stick Spinning rods, model SPL 1100 7'0" Action medium, (6-15 pound line) They were $29.99 when new

    Reels: Shimano Sahara 4000FB spinning reels, with spare spool, and box. Currently spooled with 20 pound fireline and 15 pound flouro leader. They were $59.99 when new.

    $55 each or both of them for $100.

    PM or email me at [email protected]

    Located in clarkson/brockport



  3. I have two seth green rigs for sale:

    rods: 8' South Bend Catfish special. Med/ Heavy action Model number CF-376

    Reels: Plfuegger Pakron 3180 reels with 40 pound mono and swivels spaced every ten feet.

    Included with each rod are 7 lead weights of various sizes- ranging from 17 ounces to about 40 ounces each.

    They are used but in excellent condition, with a few marks on them and the foam grips have rod holder marks

    I am selling them for my dad,who has packed up and moved South.

    $50 each. The reels alone are usually that much for collectors....

    PM or email [email protected]


    SOLD May 24th


  4. I know how lucky I was, with dad paying for the boat, trailer, tow vehicle, insurance and half of the tackle....All I had to pay for was 4 riggers, 8 rods, line, spoons, dodgers, flashers, flies, trolling motor, and gas.

    With him moving I am feeling the need for a boat of my own and I am sure that I'll be spending a huge amount of money soon - perhaps in 2009 or so....just don't tell the wife!!!

    Till then I'll make do with whatever I can to get on the water.

  5. I think I'll save most of my money this winter so I can chip in on gas next year for whichever ones of you are looking for 'two rods' on any given day...LOL

    The better half said I can get whatever boat I want as long as I can pay for it....I am stashing money under the mattress for a boat....SHHHH!!!!

  6. Good freaking GOD Ray...that's a ton of greenbacks!!!

    I got off cheap - probably less than $1000 per year. It was nice not having to pay for a boat or motor. I did have to pay for all the gas - for both the tow vehicle and the outboard.

    Probably $200 in tackle, $400 in new rods this year, plus food, gas, launch fees..Still easily under $1000 for a year...

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