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  1. Jax and everyone else,

    It all depends on your reel, line diameter and how full the reel is ( it affects the counter reading ), along with your actual speed, dipsy setting and probably 100 other things I am forgetting.

    For us: sealine 47 LC with 100yards of 40 lb backer mono and 1000 feet of malin 7 strand 30 # wire with a regular large dipsy with a ring on it at 2.5 mph gps speed we have found that 3:1 is pretty close when you have between 150-250 out....the ratio gets better with less line out ie: it runs deeper than 3:1 with 120 feet of line out- probably 45 feet down. It gets worse once you get much past 250 feet of line out. For example 300 feet of wire out rarely gets to 100 feet deep - probably close to 90 feet but not much more.

    Our PP rods run a bit shallower ( 30 # PP ) with the same dipsys and settings. 240 feet of line is right around 70-75 down as opposed to about 80 down with the wire.

    alot depends on how full your reel is and your speed, I guess the amount of drag from the flasher and lure also affects it.

    lots of variables......LOTS!!!!

    You are welcome to borrow ours sometime and see how it runs with your tackle. I made up a little chart and taped it to each rod to use for reference.

  2. We've seen the good, the bad and the ugly at the sandy launch site.

    Usually the rec fishermen are great at putting their boats in and getting out of the way, its the jetskis, canoes and pleasure boats that seem to take FOREVER to get out of the way.

    There is one 'gentleman' from hamlin/hilton that has a 40'+ bright yellow baha that tied up both docks for 30 minutes one evening while trying to get it on the trailer. There must have been a dozen boats waiting to get to the docks while he reved the motors and churned up the bottom of the creek. For pete's sake..if you can afford a boat like that you can afford the slip fees for the year....

    Don't even get me started on the people parking at the launch site.

    Most of the dock fishermen pull their linees for us as we pull in, if not...too bad for them, its not like we have anywhere else to pull the boat out of the water.

    There!!! my vent for the day is over and I feel better already!!!!

  3. Did someone mention ' jonesing ' ? LOL

    The season ended poorly for us, dad fell off a ladder and broke a few important parts of his body and it out of commission for a while. The boat is already in storage.

    To make it even more depressing, my parents are moving to South Carolina this winter and taking the boat with them!!! It looks like I am back to being a shore fisherman. I don't really have much to look forward to next spring... :(

    Anyone need a deck hand? At the very least I can add two rods to your spread.

  4. we put in the water around 4pm....after waiting ten minutes for a person to get a jetski on a trailer.... :roll:

    You would have thought they were trying to dock the Queen Mary the way they fussed over it..

    Anyways, Spent the evening in 12-20 FOW with jplugs, NKs, a SD and hammer fly, and jointed rapalas

    Long leads - up to 200 feet on the planar boards and 100+feet on the riggers and shallow trolling around 2.4-2.6mph

    My son landed his biggest king ever in 15FOW, NK 28 glow frog 100 feet back and 5 feet down. freaking huge fish...easily 25+ pounds, perhaps close to 30. I'll post a pic of it in the net, we released it without taking it out of the water for very long as it was stressed from the fight. It jumped and fought like crazy and my son had a blast with it.

    three good hits on a silver jplug 100 feet back and 5 feet down in 20 FOW, no one home/ lost them fairly quickly.

    One very nice fish on a j-11 silver jointed rapala flatlined in 12 FOW 200' back. great fight for about ten minutes including a couple of jumps and rolls on the surface, we lost it :( I reeled in the lure and the salmon's tongue was still attached!!! eeeewh!!!

    my son finished the evening with a rainbow, probably 5-6 pounds in 15 fow off a white glow SD and hammer fly on a rigger, 5 feet down.

    he is going to sleep well tonight!!


  5. Thanks for the info guys, it'll give us more to think about., and try next time we are out.

    We fish the temp break whenever we can, regardless of depth or time of day.

    We usually try to find the biggest temp break and as long as it is in the 44-50 degree range below the break we park the deeper rigger there, then we place the higher rigger 5-10 feet above the deeper rigger. I usually try to get the dipsys to the colder water at or below the temp break.

    Then we start to look at the FF and adjust the running depth if the fish are showing up either deeper or shallower than the temp break.

    we really need a fishhawk probe but our little temp and depth gauge still works ok for us, for now....

  6. We run into hot and cold spells for lures and combos. last year's hot combo was a white glow SD and an white glow echip off the wire dipsys, this year is has been a poor performer for us.

    Last year it was mostly a dipsy bite- they outfished the riggers two to one and this year is has been the riggers that have been hot and the dipsys that have been cold.

  7. In my limited experience I have found that a good number of the bottom huggers are lakers and occasionally browns, particularly if you are in the 100-120 FOW range and the temp down there is in the mid 40 degree range.

    We run cowbells and spoons right off the bottom, so the cannonball is almost hitting the bottom. Go slow- 1.9 to 2.1 or so and you may do well.

    Hope this helps.

  8. I am going to take a guess that they still should be in the same range as last weekend, perhaps even shallower, depending on the temp. I would suggest finding the temp break and slowly working your way out deeper.

    35-45 down seemed to work ok for us last weekend - in 90 FOW

    We also marked a ton of fish up slightly higher early on, so if you get out early run one rod at 10-20 feet down.

    Glow greens and whites seemed to do well for spoons and flasher' fly combos.

    good luck and have fun!!!

  9. Glad to hear you did well out there. We heard on the radio that a good number of guys did well early then the bite shut down at 8am or so.

    We had a similar morning, a nice steady pick of kings from 6-8 am then just a few hits after that.

    My son landed a 25+ pounder, caught off the rigger in 95 FOW, 45 down on a NK firetiger spoon, running 20 feet off the ball right around 6:30am. I went to clear the other rigger to get him room to fight the king and hooked up with a small 20" king, Glow frog NK 50 down. Alex got worn out from the 25 pound fish so dad had to give an assist for the last 50 feet of line and net the king.

    Two more small kings - 20-25", maybe 5-7 pounds, or so off the riggers in 90-100 FOW 40 down, one on a NK NBK glow green and the other on the glow frog.

    one 5 lb rainbow off the rigger 35 down in 90fow, habenero behind a wonderbread LJ dodger.

    The wire dipsys were silent all morning, till 8 am, then we had two nice screaming runs on a white SD with a white echip fly, out on a 3 setting 120 feet, in about 80 FOW. no one home after a few shakes and runs.

    we washed lures from 8-10, nothing but a blank screen.

    All in all it was better than mowing the lawn...


  10. Spent the morning with my brother, brother in law and dad fishing for eyes.

    Got too late of a start and didn't hit the water till almost 7am...

    I guess I was too used to lake ontario and seeing just a few fish on the screen occasionally because it looked like a freaking traffic jam in 90 FOW just east of the harbor. Fish stacked up like crazy from 70-80 feet down.

    We ran worm harnesses off leadcore, small dipsies, my LO wire rigs with reg dipsys and the riggers.

    We lost count of how many we hooked and lost, we just couldn't seem to hold onto the fish. We had a ton of hookups though, rods were firing all the time...

    All in all a nice day and a few nice walleyes came home with us for lunch!!!

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