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  1. A starcraft islander is also a nice option too. they make the 19' and the 22' foot.

    The last time I checked the new lunds have the same hull thickness as the older ones. Lund should be at or near the top of the list for aluminum boats ...IMO...

  2. Welcome to Sandy Creek Gambler and and anyone else that used to be in another port.

    BTW what radio channel do you guys use around sandy creek/ hamlin area?

    Hope to see you one the water!!! I can't wait to put the boat in and spend my days going 2.2mph....

  3. Thanks Billy, I just found the flyer online and printed it out. $44.95 is a good price and I think I will get at least two this weekend. I have a gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket and now I know what I will use it for.

    They aren't sealines and certainly aren't in the same ballpark as tekotas but for the money this is a pretty good reel for recreational fisherman. Charter guys would probably want something better because of the long term wear and tear, and abuse from clients...

    link to the flyer:


    or just visit basspro.com and go to the Auburn store page and click on the link to " Spring Fishing Classic - 3/17 thru 3/25 " on the right side of the page

  4. Billy,

    was the sale at the store only? or can I get it online as well? that's not a bad price and I could use two more reels for our planar board rods.

    I know that the accudepth isn't as well made as the sealine but I have yet to have a problem with the 4 accudepths that I have, or the 4 sealines that I have had either. For the money they are a decent reel and the Accudepth Plus should be even better.

  5. Dick's sporting goods has the older accudepth LC47 paired with a Diawa firewolf 9'6" rod for $69.00. Theyare Ok and we have a pair on the boat.

    Bass Pro ( Auburn ) had the same rod and reel at closeout to get rid of the old style accudepths at $59.00. we picked up a pair in January.

    Gander has the new and improved accudepth PLUS 47 for $49.00 each and they are alosavailable in a combo with a diawa heartland for ( I think ) $79 or so.

    They are OK rods and reels for the budget conscious fisherman.

    Sealine reels are better than the older accudepths but run $90-$95 each in the 47 LC size.

    Diawa Heartland rods are better than the Diawa firewolf rods but typically cost about $30 each, VS the $15 for the firewolf.

    Hope this helps.

    Good luck.

  6. We put a piece of electrical tape on the spool and tie it without any backing. IIRC we also used a single crimpable sleeve above the knot to anchor the tail of the knot to the line.

    Wind it on TIGHT and even.

    Wire rocks!!!!

    Thanks for all the help last year guys. wire has almost doubled our catch rate.

  7. Your guess on set up is what we did when we used two rods on one rigger.

    We usually run a cheater now and don't stack two rods on one rigger anymore....but when we did we put the deeper running rod towards the stern and facing the rod towards the back a bit. The shallower running rod was in front of the rigger and slightly outside the rigger beam. The idea was that if a fish hit the deeper rigger rod it would be pulled a bit towards the center of the stern and hopefully avoid a tangle.

    If a fish hit the upper rod then hopefully the line would clear the rigger cable to the outside of the cable, and avoid a tangle.

    Cheaters/ and sliders turned out to be simplier for us in our little boat.

  8. We will be in the Irondequiot bay trolling for browns and rainbows with planar boards, perhaps off the genny and Sandy creek in shallow trolling for browns.

    Once it warms up a bit, end of april, beginning of may, we will start to move to deeper water.

    Almost all the time we run J-7 up to j-11 rapalas at the beginning of the year. Occasionally we throw in a few other hard bodied baits but rapalas are our 'go to ' lure in the spring.

  9. We tend to run in and out of the silt line with the lures. If the water is really cloudy we run larger J-11 rapalas, that tends to get their attention even if the fish can't see very far in the cloudy water. Sometime the fish hit the ' clear water ' lures, other times only the ' cloudy water 'lures catch fish.

    The creek water is usually warmer than the lake in the spring, we try to stay fairly close to the mouths of creeks, unless we find warm water nearby.

  10. Welcome aboard. The ' old timers' here are more than generous with hints, help and suggestions.

    I have learned a ton in one year on this board and look forward to another great year of fishing, thanks to the guys here.

  11. Fantastic job on the new format for the site. Thank you for all the hard work that you put into it. I personally know that it has helped me become a better fisherman and I apprectiate all the input from members here.

    Anyways, a quick intro for myself and our boat.

    I teach at SUNY Brockport and fish out of the genny, Sandy Creek, and Irondequoit bay, as well as occasional trips to the finger lakes.

    Dad is an almost retired optician here in Rochester and the owner of our boat. He's the captain and loves to tell me what to do onboard...

    Our boat is a tan polarkraft, its too small but we are hoping to upgrade soon.


  12. We had problems with hard starting and fouling the plugs for three seasons on two different johnson 2 stroke kicker motors. We ended up getting a honda 4 stroke and are more than pleased with it, even though it is heavier than a 2 stroke.

    Perhaps we just got two bad ones in a row or perhaps the local dealership that we bought them from didn't fix them when we first had issues...

  13. Dad used a clear epoxy over a few leaking rivets in the old boat about 5-6 years ago. The kids that bought it off him says that they are still holding. It had just enough flex in it even after it cured to not fall off or leak.

    I'll see what brand it was and get back to you.

    It would be best to call tracker if you have alot of them that are leaking and missing.

  14. ERBYJOE >>>.I would love to bum a ride sometime you don't have a charter

    heck, count two more ( dad and I ) of us in and we'll pay for the day, gas and stuff. We don't get out in a decent sized boat very often and it would be great to fish with a few veterans that know whah they are doing.

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