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  1. stinger,

    we are new to wire recently and the rods have only one full season on them, probably 20 - 30 trips where we used them and probably only 100 hours of actual use. The original heartland tips still look brand new without any nicks or burrs on them yet. As soon as we see the tips getting grooved or cut then we will replace them.

    I would guess the older members could give more insight on the life expectancy of the original tips.

  2. Santa was good to me this christmas:

    A new radio for the boat,

    two new sealine 47 and heartland rigger rods.

    New fireline for the spining rods and power pro for the other rods.

    hooks, swivels, and more dipsys...

    The wife got a new dining room set.....For that money I could have made a nice down payment on Billy V's penn yan... :(

  3. I tend to agree with the above posts, we run NKs usually because they are a local company, but a few of my stingers do well, particularly at low speeds, probably because they are lighter and thinner.

    The only really consistent ones that we have found are the green, blue dolphins, the chicken wing and the NBK. I have a kevorkian that has yet to catch anything in 5 years of washing it behind the boat.... :(

  4. Thanks guys for getting the site back up, I really appreciate all that I have learned from others on this board and would not be able to make it through a day at work without checking out the board for new topics.

    If you find the culprit that hacked the site let me know, I have a team of highly trained attack ninjas that are looking for some action.....


    Keep up the great work!!!!!!

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