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  1. 6 Spin Doctors 3 Protrolls 1 ITO Flasher Asking $65.00 Please call or text John at 585-469-1923. Thanks,
  2. SPOONS & FLIES SOLD 11 Stickbaits, $30.00 2 yellow bird planers $10.00 3 Treestands, 2 Hunter's view and 1 Loggy Bayou $55.00 Please call or text John at 585-469-1923. Thanks.
  3. Matt,Rick and Others involved, Thank you guys for another great tournament. Fishing was ridiculous! I know there is a lot of work that goes into putting one of these things on and I really appreciate all the effort in bringing Rochester back into the mix. Thanks Guys!! John
  4. Matt, Love that saying. Hate when it happens tho John
  5. Ok thanks guys. I'll keep watching for updates. John
  6. Brian, I thought last year you could fish out of the Oak or Rochester due to the docking situation at Sandy and the high water. As long as you weighed in at Sandy. Are we going back to the old rules where you have to leave from Sandy? Just curious. Thanks, John
  7. Boatino


    Fishaholic, Were about did you hit? Were you in the main channel going north or south or still inside the bay coming over from Westpoint marine? I was going to bring down my twin engine boat but don't want that cost of tearing up 2 props... John
  8. Looking for an observer for the WHI tournament. Please call or text John at 585-469-1923. We pay $75.00 for the day and you can pre fish friday with us if you want. Thanks, John
  9. Thanks Lucky. I was down at Braddocks a bunch when the project was going. I was just wondering if the sand build up is actually working or if the Army Corps put it in front of the jetty(structure)? John
  10. That's great news. Brian do you think all of that sand is just from mother nature or did the place it there when they did the dredging last year? John
  11. Budweiser, Still inside the markers on the east side or on the east side outside of the markers? How was the depth? John
  12. Boatino

    Boat Insurance

    Boat Insurance I've been with BoatUS for the past 15 years. This year my policy went up by 25%. I've never had a claim. I contacted them and basically was told there has been an increase in claims in my area therefore there is an across the board increase. Anyone have another insurance company they're happy with? Just looking for a competing quote. Thanks, John
  13. Boatino

    Boat Insurance

    I actually received the new bill before the hurricanes hit down south. Maybe they are psychic. Either way thanks everyone I'll get some new quotes. John
  14. That is the longest king I've seen come out of the lake in the 35 years I've been fishing it. We had a 38# 48" king back in the early 80s. That will make a great mount. Congrats! john
  15. Did they get a length on that king? Beautiful fish for sure!! John
  16. Boatino

    Braddock's Channel Update

    Cool Thanks Fishaholic!
  17. Braddock's Channel Update Has anyone been out of Braddocks Bay yet this year. My marina's docks are going under water probably this week and in need of a temporary spot for 1 month. Just wondering if the channel in navigatable? Thanks, John
  18. Boatino

    Braddock's Channel Update

    I'm not worried about the parkway bridge just the channel to the lake...
  19. Spoons & Stickbaits Various spoons & flies, $25.00, Various Stickbaits $25.00. Call or text John at 585-469-1923. Thanks, John
  20. Do the vendors sell tackle throughout the show or just on Sunday?
  21. For sale 2 Tru Trac 10 lb. downrigger weights. Asking $15/each. Please call or text John at 585-469-1923. Thanks, John
  22. Great work Brian and team!! Nice job with the tournament also. A lot of fun!! John
  23. Nice work Matt. Those 30# kings make those 20# kings look like babies. You were right to go west. Fished braddocks most of the morning and while the fish were there we could not find any size. I know a couple of guys did just not us. Great job on the tournament to all involved!! Good fishing, John