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  1. Is a sea trial necessary for a boat sale?

    Chris, With the 2 boats I purchased I requested and was granted a sea trial and survey. In both cases the broker asked for a $1000.00 deposit. The deal was then contingent on the sea trial and survey. If something went awry I was given back my money. In both cases I ended up buying the boat because everything was good. I can definitely see where it would be a PITA to go through all of the hassle and then either get blown off or take people out for a joy ride. You have to be the one to guage the buyers "Actual Interest", in the boat or if they are just kicking tires. There are a lot of tire kickers or dreamers out there. Best of luck with the sale. I'll miss your videos the most... John
  2. I thought that was Kenny's old boat. He caught a lot of fish on that boat over the years. Good luck with it. John
  3. Who is the maker on that boat? How Long? What year? Looks like a nice ride. John
  4. Great tournament guys. Thanks for all you do for keeping it running smoothly. For next year my only suggestion would be to change the format to 9 steelhead and 1 king per day. No specific reason. (Team Hideout) Boatino
  5. Hey guys, looking for someone to observe for Saturday and Sunday this weekend for team Hideout. We'll pay $75.00/day. PM or text me at 585-469-1923. Thanks, John
  6. All set found someone Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. Hey Guys, Looking for someone to observe for Team Hideout for both Saturday and Sunday this weekend. We pay $75.00/day. Please contact John at 585-469-1923. Thanks.
  8. Lakers?

    I just want to know so I don't fish there. :lol: John
  9. 300 ft. of 30 lb. test 7 strand stainless wire, new in box. Bright silver color. Call or text John at 585-469-1923. Thanks.
  10. Yellow Birds, $15.00. Great for spring light line trolling. Call or Text John at 585-469-1923. Thanks.
  11. Lot of 12 spoons and 4 flies for $30.00 of Best offer. Call or text John at 585-469-1923. Thanks.
  12. Rapalas, rebels and others. Good for spring browns. $35.00 or best offer. Call or text John at 585-469-1923. Thanks.
  13. Lot#1 10 Evil Eyes, 5 @ 2 1/4", 3 @ 3", 2 @ 3 3/4" (Chartruse) $30.00 of best offer. Lot#2 10 Evil Eyes, 5 @ 3", 5 @ 3 3/4" (Orange) $30.00 or best offer. Lot#3 10 Evil Eyes, All 3" longs, 4 glow, (Glows) $30.00 or best offer. Please call or text John at 585-469-1923. Thanks.
  14. Does anyone know if the dredging of Braddock's has started? Are they really putting in a breakwall? John
  15. Dredging Braddock's Bay?

    Maybe. 😀
  16. Dredging Braddock's Bay?

    Thanks for the article JD. Now they just need to restore the State Marina to the way it was in the late 80's! John
  17. Diawa Seagate Reels?

    Anyone seen these in person yet? The SGTLW60H reels seems to have the capacity of a Tekota 800 but with a 6:1 gear ratio and upgraded drags. $150 on FishUSA. Might be changing over a few copper reels to them. Any input is appreciated. Thanks, John
  18. New boat decision

    Hans has some great information there. As a 2 time Grady owner. I would go with the Grady. If you every go to sell the Seafox or Seaborn you will probably take a big hit in the re-sale. I brought my Grady White Marlin in from Boston 5 years ago. I did replace the impellers right off the bat but other that some bad gas that wreaked havok with the fuel filters and pumps on the engines the boat has been great. Wish it had 4 strokes but that's another story.... Good luck with what you decide but just some food for thought. John
  19. Oak orchard open

    Very nice. Congrats to all the winners. John
  20. Oak orchard open

    Did anyone see the payouts for the top teams? How many teams got paid? Congrats again Rick & crew!! John
  21. Water in gas tank

    Fshnwmn, Last year I hand pumped 90 gallons of bad gas from my auxillary tank. I borrowed one of those 1 1/2 gallon oil/exchange pumps. I also purchased a fuel funnel to help siphon any water pulled out of the tank. I put the tainted gas in 5 gallon containers and burned it in all of my families cars at 5 gallons per week. The cars burned the gas great, Yamaha's not so much. Either way it is a crap job and takes forever depending how much gas is in your tank. I siphoned it out through the sending unit under the deck plate. Buy a piece of steel fuel line so you are sure you get to the bottom of the tank. Mine was a 150 gallon tank. Good luck. John
  22. Diawa Seagate Reels?

    Thanks guys.
  23. Diawa Seagate Reels?

    Brian, 300ft. of 50lb. Power Pro or 300 yds? John
  24. These reels clamp onto .750-1.750" pipe. I just put on new Amish Outfitter 500lb. test line last year (150ft. each). Good condition. Asking $90.00 or best offer. Call, text or pm me. 585-469-1923. Thanks, John