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  1. Boat is in good shape and needs nothing. Buy today fish tomorrow.


    Re powered last year has 4.3 Mercrusier and runs strong(Motor is a 92 No points).  New canvas and aft cover.  Drive gone thru last year.  Fishes like a dream and has a ton of room. 2 downriggers, 2 fish finders and planer masts.  Ship to shore new and am/fm cd. Custom rod holders. New tires and bearings on trailer last year also power winch. 22ft  Can handle rough water very well. Fish 3 to 4 guys no problem. 


    I put a ton of work into this boat.


    585-233-8257  Jim







  2. First I would like to thank Nick and Teresa for giving us the chance to make a Vets day fishing.  This was a good day for all involved. I am sure a ton of work goes into this and it ran very smoothly.


    We met our vet Bruce... a Marine sniper who served in Vietnam.  He is a salty dog and it was a pleasure to gain his friendship.  He fit right in with our crew who are all vets and he also  loved the old school country we were jamming! 



    Set up in 4 fter's and fished Browns early in front of Maxwell with a good screen and they  just would not bite. worked 40-70 FOW.


    I had some info(thanks Finders Keeper's)that the kings were real deep.   So I chatted with Bruce and my crew and about running off shore and Bruce said lets go!.  I explained that it was going to be real rough!  He said he wasn't scared.  So I said neither am I!


    Off we went to 550fow.  It was a rough ride out and he may have changed his mind half way out! 


    Set up with 2 riggers and 2 dipseys in the trough to keep it simple in the 7-9 footers.  As I was setting the last dipsey rod going to 300 on a 2.5 setting it took a whack at 270 and burned out with my thumb on the spool.  I gave a yell to Bruce and said here you go hang on! 


    As this one is ripping out line the deep rigger goes with meat down 95....Double! 


    We ended up landing both fish after a good battle. Our vet got the big one! 25lbs and 19lbs


    The Video will give some insight as to the waves.


    I felt so proud to see that man who defended our country fighting this fish on my boat.  We made his day and a friend for life.


    Thanks again for this opportunity as it made some great memories for me and my crew.


    PS watch the Language in the video I was excited!



  3. Thanks Nick... Was a fun day and we got lucky with a big one. Our vet was marine sniper who served in Vietnam. It could not have been a better fit. 3 army vets on my crew. He reeled in that fish in 7 ft plus waves in 550 ft. Took 800 ft on wire. Two face pro troll and atomic pro- am fly. Setting out to 300 took it at 270. He was mean...2 of my crew were sick and took it like a champ. He did mention that you have to have a lot of heart to fish in those conditions. I just told him we are a little touched! Good times! Thanks to all who put this together.

    I have video of it... Will try to post

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  4. I took my brother in law his boys and my oldest son out.

    We set up at 6pm over 100fow with a awesome screen... Hooked a double on a two face and pro am fly and meat. The fish came over 110 fow 85 down and 300 out on wire. That woke up a boat of boys! Lol. We pulled after that and headed in with a broken dipsey rod(not sure how it happened). There is the mother load of giant hooks in front of plant. I think the boys are"hooked"!post-139577-14380467352614_thumb.jpgpost-139577-14380467531118_thumb.jpgpost-139577-14380467724464_thumb.jpg

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