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  1. Location: U.S waters of Lake Ontario, Boats are to fishinto sodus point (may start eleswhere but operate by waterinto sodus bay)

    1. 20lb. Minimum
    2. Weigh in's open at 12:00 noon and close at 8:00pm except Sunday close by 3pm. Krenzer marine Wednesday 12-8pm, Thursday 12-8pm. Jacks Friday and Saturday  12-8pm
    3.Biggest fish of the day only
    4.If no fish over 20lb the prize carriers over to next day.
    5. Fish must be caught that day.
    6.Official tournament scales only.
    7. Boat is to enter sodus bay by water( not expected to truck fish in from out of town)
    8.One entery is one boat.One entrant is not allowed to use fish from other boats
    9. Prize money to be awarded the following day at Krenzer marine. Sunday prize will be awarded during the pro am awards ceremony at Jack's




    Are Pro-am Teams allowed to go back out on saturday once the tourney has started and fish are weighed?  This was not allowed in years past? 

  2. 9am is a little late...I would start in 150fow and head north. When you mark fish target them. All my fish have been coming 60ft down or higher. Lead core has been good too 5 and 10 color. Cheat riggers lots of fish up high. Things are cooling off this weekend as far as bite. Good luck....

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  3. Thanks to all who put in the work to make this happen.  This is one of the best tourneys on the lake(and by far the best trophy).  I hope that next year the Pro-am committee will will look into the 2 day am events again.  We need to try and get some unity so there is not events running concurrently together.  I think this takes away from the competition.


    Team Bear Creek Bandits

  4. Fished the King of Oak tourney and ended up 5 for 11.  Not a very good average as we couldn't seem to keep the big ones on.  We fished from 250 to 300fow about 5 miles west of port.  We did 3 kings and a steelhead on a 300 copper with a 42sec  spinny/fly.  Also a couple on rigger with spinny/fly. Steelhead came on nbk cheater. Fish seemed to be in the 45-46 deg water at 2.5 at ball.  Was pretty rough for a while! Took a couple real good shots on meat....lost em.  We ended up with a 60ish point box....On to Sodus today were taking boat down for the week.

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