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  1. Just a note for you guys to see,I have kept our boat on Keuka all summer in a hoist..just went to winterize the outboards and WOW..full blown nest with 3 eggs..The cowling was locked down tight..No clue how long its been there..3 light blue eggs were on the top..photos attached..




  2. Took a ride to the woodville launch this afternoon..the foreman there said he had hoped to get the launch open by April 1,not going to happen..They put new concrete ramps in..extended the ramp 10 feet further into the lake than before. he said the docks are still being fabricated and had no

    idea when they would be done but we can still can use the launch without docks..this should be fun.

    He wouldnt put a time frame of when the launch will open as they have had nothing but problems..the steel pilings in the photo..that took them almost all day today he said..not looking good.The photo on the right is what they removed from the old launch.




  3. I want to put new line on 4 downrigger rods mostly for finger lakes lake trout fishing.( Canandaigua, senecea lakes )can anyone recommend what lb test would be a good all around use, for both downrigging and still fishing? Thanks for your assistance..

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