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    Caught and released this guy yesterday caught him down 30 over 80 feet of water on the core. Pretty cool fish really a surprise and certainly a first. He was 30" and at least 7" across. Did one other Laker about 28" and a 5 other hits. Water really cooling down now 63 nice temp break at 40 feet drops right to 48 degrees. 






  2. FLX, If I remember correctly that brown was 34" and 21lbs-4oz...she was all belly!

    I know exactly what your talking about... I like how the DEC is focusing upon the rainbows ...my goal had always been a 12 lb bow from there. I bet very few walleye and browns of that size exist now in there....but hey you never know what going to hit next!

  3. Hit Hemlock today from 6:00-2:00-2 boats five guys. A little competition today between friends. Dan "The Man" Hollihan and his father took the 2015 Cup today well done! Fished the whole lake most fish were 25-50 feet down over everything...mostly spoon bite but everything took fish today!




  4. Went out Sunday afternoon...stopped at Roy's for bait and ran to and launched at Severne Point wide open and ice free. Didn't find them. Guys were launching and running to Sampson on the open water from Roy's. On the drive back up it looked like floating ice in two large clusters, north of Dresden. Could have been snow geese hard to tell, guessing it was ice, as it would have been two large large flocks. (so be careful...)




  5. Nice looking rainbow! Today Hemlock, 48 degree water was 43 feet down...this really has my curiosity up..it is amazing how it changes...bet it is tied to the total amount of water in the lake...Skinny has a lot more than Hemlock, Seneca and Cayuga has probably has at least 20 times as much as both combined...it would seem to reason that colder water in smaller lakes would be deeper not shallower?... You may be onto something with the springs and their impact on the total volume of water.



  6. LooseEye, Great report...nice job on the fish...Skinny has some beautiful rainbows!


    Interesting Hemlock was 48 degrees at 38 feet down yesterday...and 46 degrees deeper to the bottom in at least 68 feet of water...I didn't venture farther south. What would cause this difference in the 2 lakes? Thanks Chuck


    Ended up with 6 lakers...1 sm and a pickerel...this guy was probably the best fighting laker I have ever caught 33" 15 minutes...revived and you can see where he went!







  7. RK, Your right on with the spots....He went on ice right after we caught him...ready for the smoker..I remember those days of the mud road...can remember pulling out of there and the truck probably weighed twice what it normally would have....and man it was like iron coming off. But it had advantages! Good luck out there!

  8. post-139594-0-63395500-1404695439_thumb.jpgpost-139594-0-63395500-1404695439_thumb.jpgpost-139594-0-63395500-1404695439_thumb.jpg


    Caught these two today biggest laker 12lbs- 4 oz and biggest perch 14" to date from theer...did three other lakers around the same depth. Nice temperature break at 34 feet down. Beautiful day out there!!!


    Chuck and Nathan


  9. My guess would be that the lakers will be below 60 feet of water. I have found that the water this time of year will be 2 degrees warmer below 60 that is where I have found them in the past. You would be fine running your downrigger in the middle, south of the big bluff on the west side to within a half mile of the Southend. They spawn in the fall.

    I would set it at 80 feet down

    Good luck out there!


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