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  1. Hopefully they took some scales to help determine age. Look like tree rings under the microscope. Will tell a lot of history in that fishes life time.

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    I was told when they aged our laker scales are not very accurate. Otoliths are the most accurate way. I took the head from our laker after the taxidermist took it off and got it to the DEC. The taxidermist has to be careful not to damage the otoliths when the head is removed.

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  2. 2 hours ago, mathews_hunter said:

    Gambler any boat I buy I expect there to be unknown issues and repairs.  Like you mentioned a survey will be a must have. Why do you think a salt boat will have more repairs?   Thanks.   

    Like AnglingAddict stated corrosion.  My buddy just put new risers and a motor from a salt boat he bought.  A well taken care of salt boat can be good but salt takes its toll.  

  3. 17 hours ago, Fishstix said:

    I would like to hear the story. That fish is  really something. So many things had to come together to catch a fish like that, Being in the right place with the right lure is obvious. Having strong enough line . Large enough hook, Big enough net. The wind was really cranking up there today boat control would be tough.I am actually surprised  they had a scale large enough to weigh it.

      There has to be a great story. Did you think you were snagged? Dis it hug bottom? Jump?  Almost to boat then back down.? !st time miss with net ETC.

    I hope the guy that caught it chimes in. I wanted to go over and look at it. There was no place to park without blocking people in.


     The guy gets a free mount. Hope he has a big enough wall.

    A laker jump?  That would be different!  

  4. I heard that someone placed very high in the Pro Am yesterday fishing the top 20' of the water column.  Kings, coho and steelhead.  Are the kings up high plucking the crippled dying 1 year old alewife?  If that is the case, we will not see them on electronics and they could be anywhere.  This could be why the salmon fishing is slow.  We are all fishing below them.  Just something to keep in mind.  Last August, guys were complaining the kings were missing all over the lake.  Once the weather stabilized, the kings showed back up.  This year has been a weird year weather wise so far.  A Warm winter, warm early spring, then cold and now really warm.   Once the thermal cline sets up, I think we will see the fishing rebound.  Like stated above, the browns are the only real mystery.  Lets hope we are wrong and everything is fine with them.  

  5. 36 minutes ago, adesalvo said:

    I had to get a pic myself. It was dwarfing the other browns on the board in the cooler.  Amazing.. 


    Fishstix I had the same thoughts as It would of snapped my line as I only run 12lb leaders on my spoons. I also don’t typically run mags on the finger lakes if that’s what he used? If my son was netting that fish he might of got pulled in. Lol.. 


    I was told it was caught on a Bayrat!

    27 minutes ago, whaler1 said:

    How old might that fish be?

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    I would guess 25ish years old.  The 34.06 we caught in 2012 on Lake O was 27 years old.  

  6. 2 hours ago, jperch said:

    I have not seen large numbers of dead gobies, ever.  Alewives seem very fragile.  We used to net juveniles for perch bait and it was near impossible to keep them alive.  Sometimes we froze them in tin foil.  Gobies, on the other hand, seem tougher.  Plus they live on the bottom and don't have a swim bladder supposedly so I'm guessing they stay on the bottom mostly when they die.  Maybe.

    Gobies will not float up when they die.  

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  7. This is what Late May / June used to be like in the 90's.  The kings will come.  The browns are a little more concerning than the kings.  The past 3 seasons we have been spoiled.  You have to take the good years with the bad years in this fishery.  Those that do not will not survive.  Tough fishing helps you learn.  Take advantage of tough fishing and try new things. 

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  8. 13 minutes ago, UNREEL said:

    Thanks Brian. Vaguely remember that. 2012 is  outside of my recent memory range.     :rofl:

    Feel free to ask about the past.  I'm still young enough to remember!  :rofl:

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  9. 14 hours ago, UNREEL said:

    Brian Weidel from the USGS gave a very good presentation and is an excellent, knowledgeable speaker.  Lots of graphs showing past trawl results and variety of baitfish. This years numbers should be interesting. Not so sure that the die off we’re seeing is that common. Haven’t seen anything like this in recent memory

    2012 was the last die off like this.  2012 was also a huge year class.  

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  10. Brian explained how the trawls work so we understand them a lot better.  Very great info.  The trawls report will be released sometime in July according to Brian.  He did say the die off is from a very large year class of 1 year old alewife and its very common.  He also stated there was a bump in the smelt numbers along the entire South shore.  

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