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  1. On 6/9/2021 at 3:42 PM, Dan M said:

    Went out today at Braddocks from 8-1pm. 150-250 not a single mark. Went back to 100fow saw a bunch of hooks - no big bait balls like the other day. Not a single rod went off. Brother brought a banana on the boat. I kicked him off and he ate it before we left - but the damage had been done. Dumb ass.


    That is too funny!!!

  2. 2 hours ago, show me the money said:

    Just wondering if a 21’  would be able to launch tomorrow with the rain we have had  ?  If not I’ll try the river launch 


    No problem. Launched my boat at the public launch last saturday. No issues in and out of the channel. 3'+

  3. On 3/26/2021 at 8:39 AM, brucehookedup said:

    I know are snow depth was down, very little rain, down 4 to 5" of precipitation. Come on, they can adjust that with the outflow at massena dam. This is crazy stupid lows that i have never seen, or anybody else. Docks, launches, bays, super low water levels. I hear 11" by April 2nd. That would be next to impossible with this short window. Any explanations, theories ?? Let's hear them. Meanwhile i am going to buy stock in Michigan Wheel. ( they sell props )


    My understanding is its all in effort to keep the possibility of flooding down. We still have record inflows so apparently they are trying to get ahead of it. 

    May be an image of map and text that says 'Trois Rivières International + Weekly Water Updates -StLawrenceRiver Updated: 3/25/2021 Data of: 3/24/2021 Ottawa River Montreal AVERAGE -Saunders Dam Ottawa River 180m3/s (112,300 cfs) Lake Ontario Lake Louis 21.40m (70.21ft.) Canada (244.36ft.) Toronto AVERAGE Ontario Outflo 7,380m3/ fs) Lake Ontario AVERAGE Lake .Lawrence (238.42ft. Niagara River Inflows 6,870n (242, United States Buffalo Lake Erie Net Total Supply* 7.620m3/s cfs) cfs) 12:00pm tributaries, flwromh Niagara River.'

  4. I just bought a few 30 size Coldwater reel. I was gonna put wire on them. How much backing should I put on? I was thinking about just using some heavy mono.
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    So the answer is... They need backing to make sure the spoil is full. Okuma 30 series require a bit of backing to insure that. If you spool only the 1000 ft of wire then the spool will not be full. I would suggest 200' of 20# mono and then attach to the wire with an albright knot and fill until the spool is full. A full spool offers both counter accuracy and operation my efficiency.

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  5. 10 hours ago, jth21usa said:

    How much leadcore does everyone carry in Spring? I currently have a 7 and 10. Is anyone running a 5 and 3 or is that a Walleye thing?




    I have 3, 5, 7, 10 colors along with 50, 100, 150 coppers

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  6. 4 hours ago, hookedupf7 said:

    Curious I saw some guys post about running divers for early browns. Can anyone add some insight to this? Depths ? Diver size ? Slide divers? Wire or mono ? And leads?


    For skinny water I run chinook divers. Size #2 in black (honestly not much of a difference with diver size and performance in less then 20 fow). I prefer to use my standard diver setups with 65# braid as opposed to wire this time of year. 12' fluorocarbon leader 10-12# test. And 99% of the time its a spoon on the money end. From rod tip to diver we will fish them 10-15 ft out.

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  7. 10 hours ago, Jimcarp1o1 said:

    just trolling around for some rod and reel tips


    looking for some of your top 3 downrigger / dipsy rods and reels.

    Just getting into  the bigger boat sport always putted around in my 10' playing with the smallies. just bought me a retirement present a 17' tracker 70hp. will be putting my 9.9 merc on it as a kicker. hitting lake ontario for salmon, lakers, bows, then erie for the walleyes.


    Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.



    For reels... Okuma Convector high speeds are a great choice. They are virtually bulletproof!

    For rods... I love the Okuma White diamond series. They have specific models for divers, riggers, coppers, leadcore, Im also a huge fan of the Blue Diamond series and use the ML downrigger rods for early season.


  8. 12 hours ago, mudflat said:


    So then, is this year going to be the same ports as Legacy posted last year ?




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    Let me clarify this post....


    These are the only ports that will be getting Chinook Salmon stocking this year. Niagara, Olcott, Oak Orchard, Genesee, and Oswego will be pen rearing 100% of all stocked fish at these sites.


    Niagara River
    Oak Orchard
    Genesee River
    Oswego River
    Salmon River
    Black River (Jefferson County)
    These sites will be receiving ZERO Chinook stockings for 2020 and this includes pen rearing and direct stocks. 
    Wilson Harbor
    Sandy Creek (Monroe County)
    Sodus Bay
    Fair Haven
    South Sandy Creek (Jefferson County)
    This isnt about just eliminating pen rearing at these sites but all stocking at these sites.



  9. On 2/4/2021 at 6:55 AM, Tony G said:

    You guys liking it?? Do the normal dive charts work?? Is it much bigger diameter??


    Same diameter so the dive charts are also the same. It is also easier to tie knots but really how hard is it to tie an overhand knot in anything???

    I set up four diver rods, ran it for one season, and it left me scarred. As a result of just a single strand breaking we would have to cut back the line and retie. By the time the season ended each reel had substantially less line on it than it started with and were in need of being completely respooled. Now I realize my gear might get punished more than others but I feel this is unavoidable by most. I honestly dont remember the last time I broke a single strand on 7 strand wire but it is common with the 19 strand. No need to reinvent the wheel... 7 strand all the way for me.

  10. 50 minutes ago, hard knox said:

    So I normally fish for browns at a range from 1.8mph to 2.5 but recently read that browns like steelhead like much higher speeds . when I an offshore in search mode for kings and steelhead I run optimizers at 3.7 to 4.0 mph and do very well. What do you think a max speed could be for a good summer time Brown bight? 


    Ive crawled for browns with flutter spoons and evil eyes (1.4-1.8) and also have speed trolled with NKs and DWs regular size (2.5-3.1). Statistics favor a slower trolling speed for browns (or at least the big ones on my boat). Generally speaking I tend to be a very slow troller in comparison to the other boats out there. Water conditions dictate bait choices and bait choices dictate speed. 

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  11. 10 hours ago, Fishbowl836 said:

    Upgraded to the CW203D Cold Water Reels this year and was wondering why people are replacing the new drags with Drag Master drag sets? 


    Because the Drag Master upgrade is nothing short of amazing for all reels (not just Okuma).

  12. 5 hours ago, Dschaffer said:

    Hey all.  Is anybody using 19 strand backer and attaching it to a planer board?  If so, how are you attaching it?  Also, what knot are you using for the wire to weighted steel?  



    I wouldnt even attempt to use 19 strand as backer. Stick with braid and you can thank me later.

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