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  1. Dear Canada,Please send us some of those giant Kings that you seem to have piled up over there. Signed, your south shore friends

  2. Niagara proam day three pro final results https://t.co/EW45tOeQbv

  3. Niagara proam pro results day two https://t.co/Z9IYY0XmoH

  4. Day one Niagara ProAm pro division https://t.co/VyCn1GEQ0T

  5. "Big Fish" results for Niagara ProAm https://t.co/uZwEMIwP9B

  6. Just as cold and wet on day 2. Mr Big hung up at 60 yards. https://t.co/XFOTlwykB8

  7. Cold and wet opening day. A few visitors this morning but patiently waiting on Mr Big. https://t.co/AmUexAkT3t

  8. Great place to be but a very tough bite. This stud ate a Bay Rat secret. https://t.co/mu3S18aAwe

  9. 📷 Bring on 2016! Well, the largest boat project I have ever tackled is finally complete. The boat was... https://t.co/DUHA47EK4o

  10. Apparently not only do fish like @BayRatLures but so do seagulls!!!

  11. Pen rearing meeting scheduled for tomorrow

  12. Two docks available at East Fork Marina for this season!

  13. I'm thinking it's time to get her uncovered! https://t.co/Q49hKCApb3

  14. I think SNL got this right. Sums up all the candidates pretty well.

  15. The season is coming! Get those trips book now!

  16. Funniest thing I have seen all day! Go ahead and try the link!

  17. Who needs snowplowing? Hamlin and Hilton residents make sure to give me a call! 703-0969

  18. Current lake conditions... ice for as far as the eye can see. https://t.co/jaoMX4QpK5

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