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  1. Hand held marine radio

    Looking for some input on hand held marine radios. Any suggestions on them good or bad idea and what's a good one to get without breaking the bank? I'm thinking as a back up in case of emergency and phone were to have issues.



  2. 1 hour ago, Gator said:

    Funny story, off-topic a bit. Years ago I caught a 20+ steelhead that I kept for the wall. I took it to a taxidermist who was working out of Hollow Grinder., which many of you likely remember though it's now gone. Many moons later, I got a letter from her estate indicating that she'd passed away and that any work she'd finished would be available for pick-up. So, I drove down to Hollow Grinder. Their back room was full of mounts, some completed, some not. I came to find out that they had no idea whose fish was whose and they were simply letting anyone with a receipt take what they wanted! Well, my fish was long gone. I suspect that it hangs on somebody else's wall now. I ended up with a steelhead that may have gone ~14 lbs alive, mounted straight as an arrow and done up in lake silver (I'd asked for a jumper with spring colors). It's on the wall in my office and whenever somebody mentions that it's a great fish, I have to chuckle.


    In case anyone wonders, nobody showed up to claim the steelhead that I now have, which is why I ended up with it.

    And the point to my story is that when somebody's health goes wrong, all bets are off. Not making excuses for the guy, as I don't know him at all. Just sharing.

    Keith I was having my 18# brown trout done back then too and had to go in to get it because when I called them about what was going on I was told she had cancer and didn't know when or if she was going to be able to get it done. I wasn't able to get my down payment $ back but did get my brown (hope it was mine:wondering::o:lol: back) and had it done elsewhere.

    Well back to Bob FLT (Fleeing Like Thief) he called me and wanted me to give him a bunch of money like $1,000 or more for him to get some equipment to make the process of producing the spoons faster and would be some sort of partner thing.....Yeah I was going to do that right after I supplied him with the paints to paint the 16TH OR 17TH chapel :wondering::P:lol:.

    I purchased a bunch of spoons back in the day and actually had him paint some custom stuff way before he became "big time" .

    He did have some health issues which is absolutely no excuse but he became a freaking NUT JOB when it came to how he handled other spoon manufactures copying his patterns which should he should have taken as a compliment instead of bashing them publicly! make a better product and a reasonable price with good service and it wouldn't matter if the pope himself was making the spoons in whatever that chapel is called:rofl:

    I think Rick Hajecki nailed it when he called him out on FB about that.


    So how do I get a hold of this guy Nick that is producing spoons y'all are talking about? Web site or FB page? is there some pics of his spoons on here?

    I know Narby's had a box of his spoons they were getting rid of too.

  3. No name on it anywhere that I could see. Looks like it could be a Wright - McGill as I've seen a couple that look very similar but then again it could be one that someone had specially made. 3 piece, 8'6" in length not sure of the line weight though.


    $60 or make me a offer. Local pick up or buyer will pay shipping




    IMG_1489078971.691096.jpgIMG_1489078987.810635.jpgIMG_1489079009.460332.jpg IMG_1489079027.313227.jpgIMG_1489079044.462877.jpg



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  4. Here's another link to fox sports NASCAR league that my brother who has been in this one (boomhauer ?)has set up. You can use guys as much as you want it's based on a "driver cost" salary type league. We have been in doing it for 3-4 years now. Nice thing is you can pick your drivers right up until the race starts unlike the yahoo one where you have to have drivers in by a certain time 3 days before the race.
    League name is: OnTheRoof2017
    Password: 2017
    All are welcome

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