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  1. I too have had an issue with them with a spoon I had shown them while buying some blanks at the LOTSA show. They told me send the picture to them and they would paint some up for me, well that was at least 5=6 weeks ago and never heard back :no:

    Bazookajoe I will give the opportunity to your friend (thanks) to make a few bucks off me since the NK people seem to not want my :cash:

    Kinda weird how they only do cash at their sale :no: seems a little shady :wondering:

  2. Pops who could forget that day it was a pickerel festival and that venison hot dog you cooked on the grill was awesome :yes::yes:. I saw you the only day I got out this year on the ice at Braddocks and you were there with Steve.

    I am anything but a laker expert. These knuckleheads like to bust my chops because I hate catching them so much and have unfortunately stumbled across a few this year :@:@:@:@:@:@ and had a little fun with FX aka PAPARAZZISHAWN letting him take a picture with me holding one and joking with it. You might wanna ask Brian Gamble he's the laker expert here. But looks like a 15-17 lb

    I might hit the water on Friday also give me a shout if you are out

    354-7700 or call me on the radio Fishinman

  3. Fishing Report

    Your Name / Boat Name: Fishinman




    Date(s): 5-15

    Time on Water: 4 hrs


    Wind Speed/Direction:

    Waves: calm to 1 foot

    Surface Temp: 54

    Location: Sandy Creek

    LAT/LONG (GPS Cords):




    Total Hits: 12

    Total Boated:9

    Species Breakdown: 2 coho, 6 kings and 1 stinking lousy laker :devil:

    Hot Lure: Ito Lucas Angel Hair fly, 42 second spoon, moonshine ratchet jaw all took 2 fish

    Trolling Speed:

    Down Speed:

    Boat Depth: 90-165

    Lure Depth: 20-70




    Took a guy that works for me out today for his 1st trip ever trout/salmon fishing and it was nice to be out with favorable weather and water :clap::clap: since every trip I have been out has been on the crappier side :no:

    Started out in 90 fow straight off the creek and before I could get the second rod in the water we had a small king in the 8-10lb range hit a Mag size Moonshine ratchet jaw on the 50 foot rigger. Got the other 5 rods set, 5 color, 2 wires and stacked 1 of the riggers. Got another small king on the mag 42 second. Finally was able to run my new ITO flies and manged 1 small king and a laker about 10-12lbs on the Lucas angel hair behind a kelly green spin dr.

    Never ventured out past the 165 mark were we did get the coho because my gas gauge went from 1/4 down to E :o all of a sudden and I wasn't gonna mess around going to far from port and other boats just in case, but talked with another guy who moved out to deeper water (270) and did manage some bigger kings from 17-20 lbs he said with riggers down 70-80. He mentioned that he had a lull around 10:30 and we also went about 45 minutes to an hr without moving a rod at that time :wondering:

    Let newbie land all 9 fish. We got nothing of any decent size ;( but we did get our share of aerial shows both before landing and after release :clap:

    His parting words were anytime I need somebody to go he's in :yes:

  4. Ok lets set the record straight about being who was "on point" and "asleep" while rods are firing :yes:

    1st off one of us had worked 12 hrs the day before and got home at midnight the night before plus had to go straight to work after fishing, guess who? ME :clap:

    Next lets talk about the lure selection and rod sets. Guess who put out the rod and set the depth of the 1st ho we caught? ME :clap:

    Next who decided to put out a slider and picked the lure for the second ho? ME :clap:

    Now lets see who picked out the lure for the only fish on the copper ? ME :clap:

    Again who set the wire at 75ft (not 300 like who :wondering: ) and picked out the spin dr and fly ME :yes:

    Now the to get the story straight about the wire :wait: I was not sleeping when the wire screamed......errrrr when it barely even moved I simply wasn't watching the rod with it being behind me ;) . Was nice of me to hand the rod off to the guy who drove most of the day and brought lunch, Dave especially after witnessing Shawn moving us out of the way to get to the that copper rod on Carl's boat last week. That rod went off and he ran back there like a thief running out of a convenience store :lol:

    Now for the rest of the story: as far as the sleeping part goes here's a little something that somehow slipped the original author's "story" :wondering: sure I was dozing for a few minutes :yawn::sleepy::yes: having barley sat down after setting and resetting the rods constantly, retying frayed leaders and netting most of the fish, I opened my eyes for a second to find the real Lakerman (Shawn) (how many did you boat on Saturday with Jeremy?) trying to hide his phone after taking the picture, I see a rod bouncing behind him with our 7th fish while he's playing the part of the Asian tourist. So I guess even while dozing a bit the only the guy with his eyes closed can sense the rods popping while the Paparazzi guy Shawn is busy taking pictures. Makes me wonder just how many other fish we lost while I was asleep for a few minutes :wondering:

    I don't want to take away anything from "Shawnpaparazzi" he did drive the boat a bit, set a rod here or there and managed to not get the copper out of the way fast enough so it got tangled in the copper while Dave was fighting a fish (probably looking to take another photo for his other job at The National Enquirer Magazine), hook the rigger or battery wires up backwards so that when you flipped the switch up the rigger went down and visa versa but to his credit he did get that fixed before we left the dock :clap: .


  5. he proceeds to tell me he isn't going tobuy anything :D Of course that didn't happen :lol:


    Your fault :lol: I saw that Moonshine named Sand Burr ( Burr is Shawns last name) and for some reason you weren't buying any. Maybe that bag full of stuff you already had :o had something to do with it, so I had to step up to the plate and get you one (and me one too) since you have done that for me in the past :yes:

    I had told Carl if he wanted a breakfast sandwich to take a piece of the jerky and put it between 2 of the dough nuts :lol::puke:

  6. All right I'll come clean on one thing that's not really true about the day and Carl's report.....I dropped the ball by making nothing to eat :$;(:o

    I was whooped from work the night before didn't get home until after midnight and in bed at 12:30 but had to be up at 4:30 so I could pick up Shawn and make it to the dock by 6am. Hey Shawn and I stopped at the gas station and he bought a box of the assorted dough nuts :lol:

    As far as the laker goes not a chance I was touching that rod. I never even went to the back of the boat until after the fish was released and the floor was washed down :clap: I actually turned down another chance at a fish later because I watched it hit and thought it was a laker again (teenage king) :@ and didn't want to chance it :rofl: The reason Shawn got that king was because none of us including him wanted to touch the copper :o:lol: our loss and his gain but he did a great job with some help from Carl in turning the boat a bit cause that bad boy was ripping the backing off like Brian putting rods down when he's into the lakers ;)

    Here's the three Moonshines we were using today that caught fish from top to bottom:

    Ratchet Jaw, V-Neck and the Leopard that Carl actually put a strip of green tape on this but either came off during the fight or he needs stickier tape


    One other thing to say about those spoons, that king that Shawn caught devoured that jaw and bent the tail of it almost to a 90 degree angle :o Carl straightened it with his foot :D and put it back down and it still caught fish :o:clap:

    Thanks again to Carl for the invite and it was nice to meet both Ed (bobber down aka the pen feeder :lol: ) and Jack

  7. This guy seems to have a knack for "catching" odd fish. Today I came in from fishing out front of Sandy creek and needed a hand getting my boat on my trailer with the winds whipping and Mr Johnston was fishing from the dock and offered a helping hand :clap: . After he had helped me I look up and he's got a fish on. I get out from my boat to off him a hand and he pulls a dog fish :o up onto the ramp. I wasn't positive that it was a dog fish having never seen one in person so I took a picture and sent it to Brian Gambler since I knew he was close by in case non of us was sure.

    He had asked me if I had seen the article but hadn't but then saw it on here.


    Tough fish and sharp teeth too :o

  8. Congratulations to your daughter on graduating :yes::yes::yes::clap::clap::clap::clap: and Ray congratulations to you and your wife for doing a good job bringing her up right and leading her down a successful path to begin with because that's where it starts :yes:

    Wishing her much success Ray :clap:

  9. Caught this today in Maryland. Probably the prettiest fish I have ever caught. I was surprised to even catch it since I saw others today and last year when I fished the Potapsico they are certainly tricky fish. Saw 4 others too but they wanted nothing to do with anything.

    Caught some other stockie bows that were fun on the ultra light but the $36 for the 7 day license :o (thanks NY state :devil: ) was well worth the price for this one fish. Wish I had kept it for a mount :( but didn't want to chance the ticket for not having a stamp to keep fish

    I'll be back again for another chance this week :yes:


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