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  1. I will pack the chest waders also. I just heard from the folks I am supposed to go with and the ice is ok once you get on it 12 inches or more. Hopefully some cold temps at night by Sat. everything will be just fine. I would like a fish dinner with a cold one Sat. night back at the cabin with the boys. Good luck to you.

  2. I planned on fishing in the derby this weekend March 12th. How is the access near the parking lot at the dam end? I was going to meet several people there on Sat. We make this an annual outing every year. Thanks for any reply.

  3. HOLY DIVER....I know where your coming from. I made the same decision 10 years ago after owning a boat for 13 years. I bought my land and built a cabin and it was one or the other, so the boat,tackle and all electronics went. I did not have the time,energy or money for both passions. I was a member of a fishing club called TYEE DEEP TROLLERS and got my lessons and information during weekly meetings back in the 80's. I want to say this site is awsome and a wealth of knowledge and dedication to those who post and maintain. I don't post very often but I am a vistor to this site almost dailyand enjoy reading in most forums. The irony is my daughter and son-in-law bought a boat several years ago and now I fish with them and can enjoy the big O and my cabin in the southernteir. I often talk about the good old days with them. I truly have the best of both worlds now.

  4. While setting lines in the spring derby on my daughter and son-in-laws boat last year, I caught a yellow steak out of the corner of my eye and then heard a splash. I said, " what? was that my bannana?' Scott said," What don't you want to catch any fish today?"Soon after the first fish was on and we landed a 17 lb. king. We went on to have a stellar day catching mostly small browns after that 1st king........ also when my daughter is on board, she cannot bring a book to read, as it has the same evil effects as the dreaded yellow fruit.

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