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  1. Brian, sorry to hear about your weekend troubles. All part of the game I guess.
    On a different but related topic.....There is an obstruction directly a ross the creek from my southern next door neighbor's house where the maroon Tracker is docked. It is about thirty feet from the current shoreline. Be aware everyone.

    Pat I think that is now jammed up into the weeds against the island. It’s a log on the bottom with about a 5” diameter branch that comes off it and barely breaks the surface. I hit it once south of Larry’s and have seen it move to where you mentioned it was. This weekend it was in the weeds.

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  2. Hillbilly and SilverFox,
    Did either of you fish it?
    The registration forms and rules were very transparent on the admin fees (which were reduced).  They were made transparent so there was no BS or accusations. So anyone who participated KNEW EXACTLY what was up and agreed to it when they checked the LITTLE BOX.  If they didnt, they should have not entered that. 
    There was no greed involved and taking shots at tournaments without fully understanding things ALSO ruins tournaments.  These are a PIA to organize, manage, maintain websites, insure and accept liability for, etc..  The XXXXXX   which was collected had a grand total of $750 in admin fees which also went to the events expenses such as, lie detector service, helpers, tourney director and assistant, the faux checks, website, etc and on and on...  This was not a typical cash side bet where someone steps up and volunteers to handle it.  It was part of the event NOT a dock bet.
    The event also rounded out higher payouts, topped off the 1K which should have paid $617.00 per day NOT $1,000.  If the event was greedy, it would have stuck to the $617 pro rated because not enough teams entered to pay $1,000.    $1,000 was paid. How about an AMEN for that boys????
    Do you buy gas knowing there's a tax on it? YUP....  Go to work knowing uncle sams gonna slam you for 20-30%, etc... YUP... Why??  We know why.   These events take time, money and a lot of effort to orchestrate.  Dont spoil it by complaining about something you don't fully understand.
    Seems like your trying to start something here, to prove a point or gain sides about a pretty well run and fun event !
    Vision Quest

    It was just a blanket statement of all sporting tournaments, not pointed directly at this tournament. Entry fees and payouts have hurt more tournaments than a tiny 5% Calcutta fee.

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  3. I have the Hot Maps Platinum East card in my Helix and my mapping of the lake goes blank roughly west of Bald Eagle. No contours or anything, just is white. When I look at this card online it shows that I should be reading everywhere on the lake. Am I missing something obvious or do I need a different SD card?



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  4. Brian those gobies are from 6' to 160' of water water. Their bellies always have the juvenile gobies in them, later on bigger ones. Food is all over the shoreline and so should the mix year class of browns. The 1yr' olds are far and very few in between. Something has happened. We can all come up with theories but they (biologist} really should figure this out so this doesn't happen in the future. I agree with you A- lure-A 100%.

    It’s the Covid Bruce. All the fish are double masked this year.....

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