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  1. 23 hours ago, wrestlecoach said:

    Slipbob, last night I had fresh gobbler breast breaded in panko and fried in butter, smothered in a morel, ramp, cream wine sauce.  Might be one of the top 5 meals I've ever eaten! 


    That sounds fantastic!!  I often take the morels and make risotto.  

  2. Nice one and with a bow!!  Birds were going nuts early but too many hens.  Hunted til 8 and went back at 10 to give them time to do their thing.  Called in a nice one at 10:30 and got impatient and whiffed on about a 40 yard shot!  Moved a few hundred yards and had more birds gobbling but ran out of time. Back at it tomorrow but it's the most amount of birds I've seen in years on the property I hunt.   

  3. I'm right there with you.  I heard the first gobbles of the season on Saturday in the woods behind my house while I was raking the yard and saw a flock of about 40 this morning in the big field behind my house with several strutters in the crowd.  That's the most birds I've seen in many years which is a good sign the population has come back and they survived winter even with all the fisher and coyotes and other critters.  

  4. Got to love perch fries.  I got a bunch at Lake George Sunday after beating up on the lake trout all morning and ate perch for dinner, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and yes perch again last night:yes:  I'm all perched out.  Tonight will be venison burgers to cap off the 5 night ADK surf and turf challenge.  

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  5. I just got one for my Thompson Center venture 308 and the magazine wouldn't latch at the front so I had to sand down the plastic piece on the stock with a dremel tool to allow for the mag latch to close.  Basically the plastic piece was too thick so the tab on the front of the magazine tab couldn't spring back but otherwise I love the stock.  I also took sandpaper and smoothed out the inside of the mag well.  It was like a 30 minute job to get it all set and installed.  I'm getting another one for my TC Omega Z5 and going with the thumbhole for that.  

  6. I used to go with my dad's friend when I was young and he had the old green cassette tape caller and just used the gray fox pup in distress tape at night.  It worked great on fox and they would come running hard from across a field and if the moon was bright you could seem em coming from a ways off.  We taped a big flashlight to the shotgun and it seemed like we kill one every so often but miss plenty as they came running in.  There weren't any coyotes around then but plenty of fox.  We have lots of coyotes around my house now but the few times I've tried calling them never had any luck but see plenty when I'm deer hunting.  

  7. 13 minutes ago, dvdegeorge said:

    Good luck 

    Patiently waiting for Monday 



    Me too.  Filled my buck tag second morning of rifle and been very patiently waiting for Monday for what seems like forever.  Going to hunt 9 afternoons straight for a big one.  Good luck everybody this weekend who's still out there trying to fill a tag.  

  8. 4 hours ago, scobar said:

    I would strongly recommend using nothing but copper over lead. There are many articles on lead fragments in venison on line. If you can afford to hunt you surly can afford to spend more on the cost of a bullet, to protect your health and your family's health.

     Totally agree.  

  9. Anybody else already using all copper bullets exclusively for rifle/muzzleloader?  My reason is to avoid potential lead fragments in the meat and also lead in the gut piles that could adversely affect raptors that will show up and feed on it.  Last year I tried the factory Barnes Vortx loads for my 270 and my 308 and got groups as good as anything else I've ever tried.  Shot a buck this year quartering away slightly with my 270 that dropped within 20 yards with the 130 grain Vortx and the terminal performance was fantastic. I caught front shoulder on the exit wound and was pleasantly surprised to find significantly less hemorraging than I would have expected or have seen in the past with a lead based bullet I'm guessing because of the monolithic nature of the bullet.  I know some of you use and love the Barnes xpanders for muzzleloaders so i am trying that this year after the season and also trying the newer Federal Trophy copper 50 cal non-sabot bullets to see how they group out of my TC Omega.  The bore is a little tight on that gun so I am awaiting some backordered Barnes spitfire TEZ bullets as well in case I have trouble loading the others.  In the past I have always used Precision Rifle Dead Centers for my muzzleloader which shoot and work great but are pure lead.  

  10. Awesome bucks Holy Diver and Scobar!!!  I'm patiently waiting for December 10th to bust out the muzzleloader and my unused archery/muzzy buck tag for another chance at big one.  Lots of corn standing around the farm I hunt and the brassicas in my food plot are nice and green.  Should be a good late season.  

  11. Holy cow fishon!!!  That buck is crazy.  Congratulations to everyone else who got one.  This year seems to be one for the books with big bucks coming in left and right.  I saw a lot of little bucks during bow but nothing I wanted.  Yesterday morning I was fortunate to connect with one of the 3 bucks I was after.   He was following a doe right at sunrise and then turned to confront a coyote that walked about 20 yards behind him.  I thought that was going to blow the deal but he just walked after the coyote a little bit and had a staredown with him before the yote walked off.  He then turned back to follow the doe and walked into a little opening at 70 yards giving me a good shot.  The before and after.  Good luck to everyone else.



    2018 Gun Buck.jpg

  12. Congratulations Longspurs on a real nice buck and everyone else who got one so far.  I finally got a good south wind last night which I need to hunt my food plot and saw 3 bucks and 2 does.  Bucks were doing a little chasing and grunting with one of the does but nothing too serious and then they all settled and went back to feeding before dark.  Passed a pretty nice 8 point at 20 yards because I have a big drop tine buck showing up for the 4th year in a row and the window for him to be day walking is coming up.  


  13. If you injure someone with a firearm and it's non-intentional such as a hunting accident your homeowner or renters liability will likely provide you with liability coverage.  If you are involved in a self defense shooting situation it's going to be considered an intentional act and therefore your insurer will likely deny it. If you don't have something specific in terms of firearms liability in the self defense situation then you are probably facing a civil suit that could cost you everything should you lose.  The last attempts by Cuomo and the insurance department that I recall was to block companies from underwriting or offering firearm coverage which could be more problematic than requiring you to have it since you would have no means of obtaining coverage.  If you are a homeowner who hunts and does any type of target shooting you really should have a personal umbrella policy to provide excess liability should something happen.  

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